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gal-dem uses cookies

We use cookies on the gal-dem site to improve our understanding of what works and what doesn’t, give you a better experience, and perform analytics. In the future we may also use this data to provide you with relevant advertising on site and off the gal-dem website.

We currently host tags from Facebook, Google, and WordPress on, and may add more partners in the future. For more information on what each of these tags do, and why we use them please get in touch with

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing a unique identifier that are sent to your browser from our website. These are stored on your computer, mobile, or tablet and are used to inform us what gal-dem pages you visit, and how long you spend on them. The cookies we have on the site are from 3rd party providers. At present our tags are Google, Facebook, and our hosting platform WordPress also collects information.

Why do we use them?

We use the information that these cookies provide to help us understand which articles are performing well (and how well), inform 3rd parties (such as theatre providers, musicians, artists, or other collaborators etc.) of how many people have read their article or engaged with content, and to help us build up a profile of how well gal-dem as a platform is performing.

In the future, we may use these cookies to support advertising on and off This may be adverts on other websites encouraging you to return to gal-dem and read more content, or adverts on our site from brands that we work with asking you to consider their products or services.

Can I opt out?

Yes! We are working on tools that will allow you to “opt-out” of the cookies on our site, but this will take us some time (and money) to build.

In the meantime, for anyone who wants to prevent any cookie tracking, there are add on softwares for browsers that can help. Apps such as Ghostery can be used to “turn off” cookie or data collection from sites, or you can go to your settings in Google or Facebook to amend what each provider collects from you. You can also visit Your Online Choices to turn on or off various advertising providers to prevent personalised advertising or data collection on or any other website. Again, for more information or advice, you can contact

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