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How Acast is supporting the next generation of podcasters

Want to make the next big podcast hit? Acast’s Amplifier programme is offering the money and the mentorship to bring budding podcasters’ ideas to life.

11 Feb 2022

Graphic Design by Karis Pierre

When we at gal-dem released our first book I Will Not Be Erased back in 2019, it was an opportunity for us to explore the complexities, joys and growing pains of coming of age as people of colour from marginalised genders. Through 14 essays reflecting on diary entries, texts, letters and online messages from our younger years, the book delved into what made us us – from getting to grips with our sexuality and gender, to exploring issues around race and mental health.    

This led to the birth of gal-dem’s first-ever award-winning podcast, Growing Up with gal-dem. Using the same formula as our book, we nurture important conversations about growing up and learning from our younger selves along the way by asking famous faces, organisers and members of our community to reflect on their younger years.

Now in its fifth season and hosted by culture journalist Natty Kasambala and gal-dem’s Life Editor Niellah Arboine, guests have included model and activist Munroe Burgdorf, creator of the award-winning show I Will Destroy You Michaela Coel, beloved children’s author Malorie Blackman and twin musical duo Ibeyi.  

The format of podcasting has revolutionised the world of media, giving us at gal-dem an exciting new opportunity to reach and connect to our community outside of traditional written journalism. We’ve gained continuous support, advice and promotion from Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, throughout our podcasting journey for Growing Up with gal-dem and our second podcast Reclaimed and Rewritten. This podcast looks into the history of the 1921 Tulsa massacre and the community that it decimated, and is hosted by critic and writer Clarkisha Kent. 

Now Acast isare teaming up with gal-dem to help promote the new Acast Amplifier programme offering financial grants of £2,500 and expertise in the industry to budding podcasters in the UK. So whether you’ve got a promising podcast idea for the latest true crime drama, a chatty comedy show, or a historical deep dive, this might be your chance to bring your vision to fruition. 

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of audio entertainment in the UK, with listeners increasing by 6 million over the last three years. And what was initially an unheard of form of media has now become a valuable and viable career option. Yet because podcasting is still such a young industry, knowing how to get your foot in the door and make your ideas come to life can be a challenge. 

But that’s where Acast comes in. Along with the financial grant and expertise, you’ll receive a free lifetime subscription to Acast’s ‘Ace’ plan, including all the tools and services to manage and market your podcasts professionally. Aid from Acast’s supporters including Adobe, Shure and Crack Magazine’s creative company, CC Co  and help with production, branding and monetisation. To apply, all you need to do is complete an online form introducing yourself and your idea along with a 60-second audio statement explaining why you should be chosen for Acast Amplifier incubator. So, no matter how adventurous or how niche your idea is, don’t be afraid to dream big.