“Feeling Some Type of Way” is a pop-up exhibition of original paintings by Farouk Agoro. Farouk, based in Brixton, London, was originally born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, to a Nigerian father and Jamaican mother. The exhibition can be found at Open And Shut Gallery, in Brixton Train Station Passage Way, Atlantic Road. Farouk told us about his process, the pieces, and what inspired them.

“‘Feeling Some Type of Way’ seemed an appropriate title for the first public showing of my work offline. The simplest way of visually defining my work is through pattern, repetition and colour – all of which are a way of me trying to creatively express the emotions, moods, and and joy I experience daily.

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In a way I am trying to find my own truths and a better understanding of myself, my feelings and my existence in space & place. Painting has become my outlet for a truthful and honest conversation with myself about all of the changes in my life over the last couple years – life, love, dreams, sadness, self-worth – and the journeys ahead.

These works are a series done on found pieces of plywood and MDF from skips and building projects I have worked on over the course of two years. They comprise of bold, vivid block colours, or combinations of colours in the same repetitive, abstract pattern. I feel a sense of desire for movement and growth, as well as a subconscious restriction that comes from living in the city.

I find it therapeutic – my own form of therapy.

I also paint on photography paper as well and brown wrapping paper – which I hope to exhibit in the coming year.

The stacked and overlaid display was my way of replicating the intensity of my home studio space. I live amongst my piled up paintings and I wanted to recreate the vibrancy of this intense collage of patterns and colours. This didn’t happen without me initially feeling exposed, but taking note from the surrounding market where the art of display and stacking has been mastered – as seen in the fruits and veg stalls, smoking confectionaries, hair shops, barbers, hardware & mobile phone stalls, record shop displays etc. It was only right I expressed that same spirit in the Open and Shut Gallery.”

The exhibition will run until 22nd December. See more of Farouk’s work on his Instagram: @farouk__agoro


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