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Australia Day VS. Invasion Day [video]

27 Jan 2016

The 26th of January in Australia, traditionally regarded as Australia Day, marks the anniversary of the arrival of the British first fleet on Australian shores. For many, including myself, it is largely a day of celebration. What comes to mind is a day off work, beer and the beach.

However this date for Indigenous Australians is loaded with meaning and with that comes a heavy history of oppression and injustice of the original people of this land which is massively ignored by the rest of the country.

Many Indigenous Australians see this date as a day of mourning and have renamed it Invasion Day. As we travelled from one side of Sydney to another, filming AUSTRALIA DAY VS. INVASION DAY #‎26THJANIZM for Izmz Magazine, the conflicting views that surround this day became more and more apparent.

It is clear from our video that for some, history is a thing of the past and they take no responsibility for the injustices that took place. It was also evident that for many Indigenous Australians the celebration of Australia Day is deeply hurtful considering what they have been through. (i.e. The White Australia Policy, Stolen Generation, increasing rate of Deaths in Custody). Their struggles require greater attention and awareness.