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Sadie Fisher

My teacher always told me at junior school that I had a very creative imagination. I didn’t excel at anything at school apart from English lit and writing. Writing is very cathartic to me, I love to discover a new word and a beautiful piece of writing can move me to tears. I like to write about issues that are personal to me and I campaign against social injustice, but there is also a frivolous side to me – I love to watch Shaun the sheep, it never fails to lift my spirits on a rainy day, and check it out on CBBC channel. I am from an ethnic background and very proud of my ethnicity. I grew up in the '70s when racism was rife and although it has improved marginally many still carry the scars, so my writing tries to reflect that if possible. In my spare time I write on my website Beauty Makes Scents, giving advice on skincare.