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Denai Moore shares short film ‘Twilight’ from gal-dem performance

27 Sep 2018

Still via ‘Twilight’ live

When we put on a show for International Women’s Day this year, Denai Moore was an easy choice. We’ve been fans of Moore since her debut EP, Saudade, and her live show isn’t one to miss. But in case you did, relive moments of her performance in this stunning short film.

Moore’s performances standout for her musicianship. She’s known to switch between the guitar, piano and drums with ease (sometimes plays them almost simultaneously), all while singing melodies you can get lost in. The film, shot by Modu Sesay, captures the lead up and performance of ‘Twilight’, a standout track from We Used To Bloom.

“It’s always been important to me to just be myself, beyond genre, fashion and through my live show,” she tells me over email. “The process from studio to stage is one of my favourite parts of music, it’s really what is connecting everything together. It’s so special that my honesty can be mirrored into someone else’s.”

It’s always been important to me to just be myself, beyond genre, fashion and through my live show

In the film, she also shares why she has such a connection to ‘Twilight’. “There’s something really special about the intimacy of it,” she explains. “The melody is always stuck in my head and the lyrics have always stayed with me. So for me, in the set it feels really nice because there’s so much going on instrumentally. That’s the main reason why I wanted to capture that moment.”

The Jazz Cafe show was our way to celebrate artists like Denai, but it wasn’t just a moment for us, or the audience. “Touring my last record and seeing young black girls watch the show from the crowd made me realise that my presence in the music industry means so much more that’s beyond me,” says Moore. “I wanted to do this show to close the We Used To Bloom chapter in a memorable way and Celebrating International Women’s day with the show made it all the more special.”

Watch Denai Moore’s performance of ‘Twilight’ live here