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Designer Zainab Abdullah wants to make modest wear less plain

20 Dec 2017
Designer & Stylist: @zainab_abdullahx
Photography: @e.reke
Hair & Make-up: @codrutaivona
Model: @the_annie_m
“This collection is by Zainab Abdullah, a British Muslim who has developed herself as a designer over several years. The garments play with the elegant feminine silhouette and are inspired by Islamic art and objects, featuring hand-dyed silks and Zainab’s original print work. Her British and Muslim identity influence this collection and she moved away from what many Muslim designers focus on, traditional abayas and head wear. Instead Zainab pursued more European apparel; which enriches her belief in diversity as the collection can appeal to everyone, regardless of faith and identity
Zainab’s own life experiences influenced her to create designs after she found she had to layer up pieces to make them modest to wear. She wanted to move away from this, and anything that was aimed at Muslims in the UK was very simple and plain. This collection was about embracing her culture, heritage and religion, and not just going with the mass market designs. Designers that she drew inspiration from include Erdem, Elie Saab and Temperly London. She fell in love with their beautiful silhouettes and embellishments. And Al-Shama is about empowering in the sense that although Muslims have to be covered, they can be fashionable with bold and modern designs.” – Words by Annie M.