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Fashion Throwback Thursday’s: the adventurous life of Olga Isabel Angulo Aguirre

21 Jan 2016

For this week’s Fashion Throwback Thursday, Stefania Ottelli Zoletti shares with us some photographs of her mother moving from Ecuador to Italy, and finally settling in Scotland.

This is the adventurous life of Olga Isabel Angulo Aguirre. My mother’s life and family are a big melting pot of fun, emotions, languages and cultures. They are definitely the epitome of the fiery Latino ladies with voluptuous curves and sass. They all moved around the world following their instincts, hearts and the opportunities that came by.

Big Olga’s journey started in Ecuador. She lived in the warm salsa and spicy lands of Guayaquil, until she met my Italian father and moved to his home for 19 years. She had always focused on her career and she was well off in Guayaquil due to her achievements. The transition from city business woman to housewife in the valley didn’t sit well and unfortunately it led to my parents separating.

This took us to bonny Scotland, Edinburgh. Luckily my Abuelita, granny, and some of my aunties live here so my mother took the opportunity for me and my sister to learn English. We moved to Scotland on the 22nd of July 2004, an unforgettable date. There are no words to describe this woman’s strength, courage and will-power. All I know is that I’m lucky to have her as my mother.

12510909_10153292460992513_806939075_o1972 – Guayaquil, Ecuador. My mum’s quinceañera, 15th birthday. In Ecuador it’s an important party organised to introduce you to society as a young adult – you’re not considered a little kid anymore. She was dressed all in pink and she wore her first heels, kitten pink heels, which were given to her on a nice fluffy cushion. It was important for her godfather and godmother (far left) to give a talk and introduce her to family and friends.12510103_10153290934832513_522396258_o

1974 – Salinas Guayaquil, Ecuador. Vamos a la playa! Let’s go to the beach! During the summer holidays the city was far too hot and was unbearable for Abuelita, my granny, who suffers from asthma.

1979 – Guayaquil, Ecuador. This is my mum and her friend at Christmas. Single and child-free. My mum loved wearing bright colours and colour blocking. She was a true diva queen.
1989 – Marina, Ecuador – My mum used to work as an accountant. She loved her job and the city. She was known for wearing crazy earrings, liked to mix it up. DISCO DIVA!
1993 – Artogne, Italy. My mum was heavily pregnant with me here. She liked to walk in the field that my grandpa owned. This is one of my favourite pictures of her. Dungarees and a white t-shirt! Simple, yet so beautiful. I will recreate this when I get pregnant. Unfortunately she didn’t enjoy her life in Artogne – it was difficult to go from being a city girl to a countryside girl in a new country. She was also the first coloured woman living in the valley so it was quite a struggle at some points, but she never backed down. My biggest hero!


1996 – Lago d’Iseo, Italy – Going for a walk by the lake. My sister most likely would have taken this picture. Love my mum’s attitude with her ciggie and me with my wild hair. She didn’t brush because I was a pain in the arse and cried all the time. She didn’t wear earrings like before but she had started to grow fond of necklaces.


1999 – Edinburgh Zoo, UK. We were visiting family. My mum was starting to consider whether we should stay in Italy or not. The majority of my aunties had emigrated to Scotland and managed to bring my granny. In the end, we moved to Falkirk.