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Five on it: Burna Boy pays homage to the motherland

While we shed a tear for Glastonbury Festival, there's new music from Burna Boy, Alewya, Mira May, EBI Pamere and Taste of Pluto.

26 Jun 2020

Roughly 200,000 people are likely feeling bittersweet about the weather right now. While the blessing of the recent heatwave in the UK has seemed to collectively raise spirits slightly, there remains a dark cloud looming above: this would have been Glastonbury Festival weekend. 2020 would’ve marked the 50th anniversary of a music festival, with icon Diana Ross playing the anticipated legend’s slot. Instead, this year will be marked by the fact the festival has been cancelled for the first time in its history.

Looking back on previous years, some standout performances spring to mind. Firstly Stormzy’s exhilarating headline performance from last year where he wore a  stab-proof vest made by Banksy, painted with a black Union Jack flag. Who can forget Beyoncé’s performance of ‘Single Ladies’ back in 2011? And of course, Nile Rogers and Chic’s knockout set in 2017 that brought all the goodness of disco fun. 

In the absence of Glastonbury, I’ve been glued to BBC iPlayer reminiscing over some of the amazing previous performances. While the festival’s cancellation is nevertheless disappointing, this break has given the chance to truly be appreciative the sets of past years. Bingeing these performances has left me feeling happy, nostalgic and excited for next year. 

Maybe some artists on this week’s playlist will play there next year. Here’s your five on it:

Burna Boy – ‘Wonderful’

A love letter to Nigeria, ‘Wonderful’ is an affectionate and joyous track transporting you to the streets of Lagos. Once again, Burna Boy doesn’t disappoint.

Alewya – ‘Sweating’

Sultry and pulsating, this track’s use of staccato evokes a dark, hot club night. Turn off the lights in your bedroom, turn it up and let loose.

Taste of Pluto – ‘Scorpio’s Letter’ 

Caribbean collective Taste of Pluto, bring island vibes and sunshine on this romantic track that blends elements of jazz with reggae. A smooth, velvety sound to sit back to and enjoy.

EBI Pamere – ‘How It Feels’ 

‘How It Feels’ will certainly have you in your feels. EBI Pamere soothes and purrs in this sensual, laid-back R&B track

Miraa May – ‘Baby’

A lullaby that delicately flows into trap while maintaining its beauty and simplicity. Heartfelt and honest, Miraa May’s crystal clear vocals sing to her newborn daughter on this sentimental track.

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