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Five on it: celebrating Pop Smoke’s debut album, despite Virgil Abloh’s clip art cover

In this week’s roundup of the best new music, we're paying our respects to the album that has left mourning fans across the UK and US in awe, alongside new songs from Sabiyha, Ayoni, Rema and ASHWARYA.

03 Jul 2020

Photography courtesy of Victor Victor Worldwide

Today marks the release of Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album. The notion of having an album that is both a debut and posthumous is a chilling thought in itself. Despite having not been in the music industry for even a year, Pop Smoke’s EPs Meet The Woo & Meet The Woo 2 were so well-received that the size of his fan-base outweighed his years. Frequent collaborations with British drill producer 808Melo meant that the rapper was at the forefront of bridging the gap between the UK and US music scenes. The loss of talent at an age as young as 20 can’t help but make you wonder what he would’ve accomplished or how he may have influenced music in years to come.

Having had its controversial artwork redone (Virgil is really not on a good run), Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon is a 19 track album, packed with features from big names, such as Tyga and Lil Baby. Let’s spend some time to celebrate his last body of work. Here’s your five on it:

Pop Smoke, 50 Cent, Roddy Rich – ‘The Woo’

50 Cent, who co-signed Pop Smoke and executive produced his album, features alongside Roddy Rich on this sleek, rolling, hip-hop track. Think Candy Shop but cooler.

Sabiyha – ‘Love Me Alone’ 

Filmed on a rooftop in her native Croydon, Sabiyha stuns on this live performance of her track ‘Love Me Alone’. Melt away as she belts it to a twilight sky.

Ayoni – ‘Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)’

Barbados-born artist Ayoni proves her might as a newcomer with this introspective track. With a sound that manages to sound like a delicate crescendo, prepare to be stunned.

Rema – ‘Woman’ 

Velvety vocals over an infectious beat- ‘Woman’ is a celebration to ladies everywhere. If sunshine could be recorded, this is what it would sound like.


An exciting, experimentive alt-pop track that explores where sanity ends and insanity begins. This is what a Gen Z Alice would hear if she fell down the rabbit hole today.

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