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Five on it: Chloe x Halle have got us catching feelings

21 Jun 2019

Photography by Robin Harper

Next week I am at Glastonbury, which means five on it might see a takeover from someone else TBD. Currently I can’t think that far ahead – I’m already stressing about the impossible-to-understand weather forecast and deadlines I’ll have to ignore while in a field… but let me not prang too much here – instead, here are five songs from this week that are soothing my soul.

Keyah/Blu – ‘Choker’

Skittering and mesmerising, the latest from the rising UK rapper-singer reverberates with a silky, breathy confidence. It’s just that little bit left-field, with a spooky, smokey video. Get to know, she is something else.

Chloe x Halle – ‘Who Knew’

Suggested by our wonderful intern, Sana, we’re still blown away by the Beyoncé co-signed sisters with soaring vocal harmonies, intricate percussion and captivating instrumentation. One of two songs from the Grown-ish OST, this is about that sweet, intoxicatingly confusing moment when you catch feelings for someone you always thought was a friend.

Che Lingo ft. Oshun – ‘Black Girl Magic (Remix)’

A slinky, summery beat swims around South Londoner Che Lingo’s ode to black women, complemented beautifully by a feature from DC hip-hop goddesses OSHUN.

Lil Nas X ft. Cardi B – ‘Rodeo’

We cannot in good faith rep the full Lil Nas X EP – 7 is a bizarre, multi-genre set that delves a little too deeply into poppy alt-rock for us. However, the song with Cardi captures all the hard but kind of silly cinematic joy of ‘Old Town Road’ and we’re here for it.

Miraa May ft. JME – ‘Angles’

A sparkly UKG-infused track featuring one of grime’s greats, North Londoner Miraa May is bringing the sweet vocals and interrogating how warped social media is making us. Video coming soon.

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