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Five on it: Jamila Woods has us bopping to James Baldwin’s ingenious creativity

28 Jun 2019

Still via Jamila Woods ‘Baldwin’ / YouTube

As our music editor Tara is wading through questionably pitched-up tents and hay bales at Glastonbury this week, I jumped at the opportunity of taking centre stage to write about the genius of musicians like Joy Crookes, Flohio and Jamila Woods for this week’s Five on It. So please, plug in your headphones and scroll down for this week’s music selection.

 Joy Crookes – ‘Hurts’

In her new music video from her Perception EP, Joy Crookes gives us a mesmeric, spooky sequence with plenty of Easter eggs for fans to enjoy. Beginning with an eerie ouija board scene and ending with rhythmic, Charlie Chaplin-esque choreography, her song has us jigging along to poppy beats and chiming electronic motifs.

Lucinda Chua – ‘Semitones’h

Lucinda Chua’s new song begins with layered deep, resounding bass notes that create a uniquely sombre yet melodious piece of classically-inspired indie music. Sweeter-sounding high-pitched notes roll out into the rest of the track. The director calls cut and the camera then pulls away from Lucinda, after which her father makes an appearance, a token from her giving thanks to her parents’ sacrifices. 

H.E.R. ft. YBN Cordae – ‘Racks’

H.E.R.’s new single begins with clean electronic clicks that blanket her velvety toned-voice, followed by lower-pitched beats that draw themselves out to create a smooth symphony. The lyrics are pensive and thought-provoking, neatly capturing the theme of ‘Racks’, which involves both artists contemplating the incessant struggle to find love whilst still chasing their musical careers.  

Flohio – ‘Hell Bent’

In her first official single of 2019, London rap artist Flohio is commanding, forceful and extremely compelling. The track opens with a wind chime-like melody that is quickly met with a series of heavy, hardcore beats, both of which perfectly compliment her energetic and robust rapping vocals. With lyrics such as ‘Don’t you know I rap/ don’t talk much’, it is clear that her music is her most empowering and expressive creative outlet.

Jamila Woods – ‘BALDWIN’

As a lover of literature and all things James Baldwin-related, I fully herald Jamila Woods’ music video for her masterful single BALDWIN, which is a part of her new album LEGACY! LEGACY!. Her video encompasses a Hogwarts-themed school in which young black students celebrate each other’s creativity through their undeniable camaraderie. With lyrics such as ‘My friend James/Says I should love you anyway’, her invigorating tune pays tribute to Baldwin’s intricately brilliant mind.

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