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This week a few of us from the office went to see the FKA twigs show in London. It was packed and hot (like, so hot) and we were running late, but all of that seemed to slip away when she emerged onto the stage. We’re blessed to live in a time of such artistry – the cooing sexiness, the incredible dancing (including the pole! And the sword!), the costumes. It was a show of theatre and incredible beauty. 

Elsewhere this week, the BRITs announced their 2020 Rising Star nominees – full disclosure, I voted at roughly this time last week, in a haze of Friday afternoon chaos so overwhelming I genuinely do not remember who I voted for. But anyway, I am delighted for all the nominees – they’re all gal-dem faves. Beabadoobee, Celeste, Joy Crookes are powerful women of colour pulling from an array of sounds, and honestly I’d be happy for any of them to win.

Anyway, enough of this strange, sort of pointless round-up of my very personal sphere of music news this week and, instead, time for a round-up of some releases. Here’s five on it.

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Koffee ft. Gunna – ‘W’

Koffee is so so great on every track, how is this even possible? Anyway, this is excellent – warm and sugary beats, topped with melodic and euphoric delivery from Jamaica’s new queen, plus some sweet bars from Gunna.

Miles From Kinshasa – ‘Stay’

We expect nothing less than a deliciously soft and smooth bop from Viv Kongolo aka Miles From Kinshasa at this point, and his latest proves no exception. A lush and dreamy romance with a little bossa nova kind of vibe, play this with a sweet one.

CHERISE – ‘Paradise’

A gliding, silky debut single from 2019’s Jazz FM vocalist of the year, this track nods to the current jazz scene while channelling classic soul sounds. Just as impressive as her voice is the beautifully-crafted arrangement, which CHERISE did herself. Coming ahead of an EP in early 2020, this is gorgeous.

God Colony ft. Samirah Raheem – ‘GIRLS’

Remember that woman who went viral last year when she was interviewed at Amber Rose’s slutwalk? While it’s easy to be cynical about people who have viral moments of course ending up on a music track, Samirah Raheem more than proves that she has the talent here, on this banging collaboration with left-field London producers God Colony. This is huge.

Nines – ‘Pride’

There’s something that’s always very charming about Nines, and while this new track isn’t immediately grabbing like some of his classics, the beat’s entrancing and, again, there’s just something beguiling about the way he delivers a line.

You can follow the Five on it playlist on Spotify.

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