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This week in music has been hectic.

In the UK, it’s been a bad week on Twitter for a few men in the music industry. Not3s and Dutchavelli have become hot topics on the TL, both being dragged by users for some personal drama. If I’m honest, it’s all giving me a headache so I think we should divert our attention to more positive news.

Let’s travel across the pond and focus on the achievements of one of our favourite women rap stars: Meg Thee Stallion. Her work rate in 2020 has now surpassed that of previous content heavyweights Kris Jenner and Drake and we need to spend time being appreciative of her ability to bring happiness and fun to what has been a dark, difficult year. As well as releasing two new tracks today, Meg has also dropped her highly anticipated first studio album Good News – expect features from SZA, City Girls, Young Thug and Popcaan. 

Nine hours ago, the music video for Body dropped which, of course, already has over a million views. And what would a Meg video be nowadays without an all-star cast? Featuring the likes of everybody’s favourite actress, Taraji P Henson, as well as Jordyn Woods and Blac Chyna, the video is a jubilant celebration of Black women’s bodies, of every shape and shade. Meg even references the incident earlier this year rapping ‘You shot a 5’10″ bitch, with a .22 / Talkin’ ’bout bones and tendons like them bullets weren’t pellets’. Seriously, could she get any better?

Keep reading for Megan’s other brilliant release today, as well as four more great tracks to get stuck into this week. Here’s your five on it:

Megan Thee Stallion – Circles

Finally, Bounce music is back! This is a different sound for Meg and is one that she tackles effortlessly. Listen to this empowering anthem and finally banish that toxic fuckboy from your life.

Conducta feat. J-Grrey – Time

This track instantly transports me back to a sweaty, underground garage rave and makes me want to scream out “INSIIIDEE!” at the top of my lungs. Featuring the breathy, dulcet tones of Londoner J-Grrey, this is one to make you miss the club.

Shiv – Letting You Know

When I listened to this track today it genuinely took my breath away. Dubliner Shiv’s voice sounds like hot chocolate next to a log fire. Warning: this one will get you in your feels

Tierra Whack – Peppers and Onions

Does Tierra Whack ever record a bad song? I don’t think it’s possible and this is certainly no exception. Sonically, this track is creative and boundary-pushing, with whistles and tongue clicks interspersed with a jutting bass, as Tierra glides over with her usual unfathomable ease.

Sabiyha – Do I Matter

Croydon newcomer Sabiyha waves the wastemen goodbye on this beautiful track. Tender but strong, sensitive while independent, this intimate song shows why she’s one to watch.

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