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Five on it: Meghan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé bring light to lockdown

With new releases from H.E.R, Aluna, Lion Babe, Remi Wolf, Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé, here's your five on it.

01 May 2020

Despite concerns about how the music industry would fare during coronavirus, it’s been a busy week in music. Drake, a celebrity with a work rate that can only be compared to Kris Jenner’s, has released a surprise 14 track mixtape while we wait for his album later this year. Nicki Minaj jumped on Doja Cat’s pop/disco hit ‘Say So’ and Beyoncé has returned as a signal of hope to make quarantine just that little bit more bearable.

It’s both comforting and exciting to see all the great new tracks releases this week and while artists might struggle to create music videos in lockdown – it’s encouraging to see that music has by no means stopped. Whether you choose to dance around your bedroom, make a routine on Tiktok, or to simply put on your headphones and enjoy, let’s all appreciate this week’s music. Here’s this week’s five on it:

Megan Thee Stallion ft.Beyoncé – ‘Savage’

This track needs no introduction. The only thing I will say is: Queen Bey said “only fans” and yes m’am will we humbly oblige — tonight I will be manicuring my toes in preparation for feet pics.

Remi Wolf – ‘Photo ID’

I defy you not to dance after listening to this song. Californian queer artist Remi Wolf brings carefree, summer happiness with this stellar funk-pop single. As if the track isn’t quirky enough, the video is like stepping into a psychedelic lucid dream.

Lion Babe – ‘Can’t Get Enough’

New York duo Lion Babe’s latest release will get you in your feels with this soulful R’n’B track. As part of their ‘Around The World’ virtual tour, Lion Babe are performing live to different cities, with London tonight! RSVP here to hear the duo play live at 9pm.

Aluna – ‘Body Pump’

Aluna of dance duo AlunaGeorge’s debut single is here: a sultry, slick house track that compliments her effortless, distinctive vocals. When speaking of her decision to go solo, Aluna stated that finding out that house music was pioneered by Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ communities inspired her to mark her position as a “Black woman in dance music by taking control of production and songwriting”.

H.E.R – ‘Wrong Places’

After hearing this track on Songland, a competition where songwriters battle to get their tracks released by major artists, H.E.R simply had to record it. And thank goodness she did. One word: chills.