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Five on it: Queen Key is feeling herself, Skepta’s back with a statement of intent

10 May 2019

Photography via YouTube / Queen Key

The past week has been less music more Met Gala, but it’s not to say there’s not been some great stuff dropping to see you into your weekend. And no, we are not talking about E* S****** and J***** B***** blandness: instead, here are five on it with actual spice.

Skepta – ‘Bullet From A Gun’

“I went platinum, so what’s next?” Skep is back with a statement of intent, tellingly referencing himself as Chief SK, sipping on palm wine – his album, Ignorance Is Bless, lands at the end of this month, and is set to take him to the next level. He dropped two tracks from it this week – and the production on this one is especially cold.

Jhené Aiko – ‘Triggered (freestyle)’

Is this a Big Sean diss track? Apparently not, according to Jhené’s Twitter, but in any case, there’s a soft fire to it, as she airs her grievances and speaks of trying to get over the memories of a past relationship over a gentle piano.

Queen Key – Eat My Pussy Again

The Chicago MC’s latest tape, the sequel to last year’s Eat My Pussy, is as full of bass and bawdy jokes as ever (“I know he got a girl / he eat my pussy like Thanksgiving” is a choice line on ‘Hey’). Her flow and delivery is entrancing and deadpan, the production goes from brash and bright to pared down and mesmerising. Her confidence is infectious, and though it’s flecked with moments of vulnerability, this is a great tape for feeling yourself (metaphorically, but maybe even literally). [Listen to the full tape on Spotify]

GAIKA – ‘1800 Fendi’

This track got dropped as a b-side earlier this year so was relatively easy to miss, but the video landing this past week will ensure you pay attention. London artist GAIKA’s vision is arresting as ever – it’s like you’re playing a glitchy, futuristic video game – and topped with his signature blend of dancehall and dissonant, left-field electronic, this feels like night-time incarnate.  

Raveena – ‘Mama’

Our former coverstar and one of our faves is back ahead of her debut album, in typically serene and silky style. A sweet and soft dedication to her mother and her dreams that floats atop guitar and delicate birdsong, this arrives right on time for (non-UK) Mother’s Day.

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