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Five on it: Raveena’s debut has landed, Rosalía’s latest is euphoric

31 May 2019

Photography via YouTube | Rosalía

Hello from Primavera, the Barcelona festival where most of the gal-dem team have found themselves this weekend. Accordingly, we’ve mainly been listening to / yelling about the acts here (FKA twigs pole-dancing is something I will personally not be getting over anytime soon). Anyway, I appreciate that there’s a world outside my current bubble, and lots of incredible music is coming out as ever: here’s your five on it.

Various Artists – Untitled (18 Artists)

A collaborative project inspired by Basquiat full of some of the UK’s finest – both rising and established (Kojey, Shabaka, Layfullstop, etc etc). It’s immersive and, as you might expect from something inspired by Basquiat, beautifully strange and ambitious in scope. Listen here.

Raveena – Lucid

The long-awaited debut album from our fave is here, and as lush and soft and soulful as we’d hoped. That beguiling voice and the sonics that submerge you, it’s a beauty and we’re so excited for her. Listen here.

Cardi B – ‘Press’

“Cardi don’t need more press,” Cardi spits, and she’s not wrong – but when one of pop rap’s finest is going this hard we have to celebrate.

Rosalía – ‘Aute Cuture’

That delicately intricate rhythm and those gorgeous vocal melodies on this euphoric beat (plus the talons in these visuals!) all mean that we are stanning the flamenco popstar more than ever.

Cassie Rytz – ‘Shell’

A searing track with quickfire flow and hefty production from the rising grime MC.

You can listen to the Five On It Spotify playlist here, updated weekly.