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Five on it: Sampa the Great has ascended to her final form

07 Jun 2019

Photography via Youtube | Sampa the Great

We’re still in recovery from Barcelona to be honest, but luckily there is so much great music to reinvigorate us. Here are five on it.

Jean Deaux – ‘Anytime’ ft. Kehlani, ROMderful

This Chicago artist is mad underrated, and her latest track deserves your attention ahead of her forthcoming EP next week. Versatile and delicate, this is a soothing bop, with a lovely feature from Kehlani.

Juls – ‘Maayaa’ ft. Tiggs Da Author, Santi

An ode to mums, this from the UK afrobeats producer boasts sweet musicality and lithe vocals, coupled with some of the finest rising voices and one of the loveliest videos of the year.

The return of Jai Paul

The enigmatic brown king is back, and sounding as beautiful as ever (finally, the line “I know I’ve been gone a long time / but I’m back and I want what is mine” makes sense). Mesmerising music that is liable to give goosebumps, we’re not even picking one release here – the new stuff is great, but listening to the old album leak on his terms feels kind of special all over again.

Mostack – Stacko The Great

Yes, it’s been raining all day in London, but Mostack’s debut album has got us on that summer vibe. Breezy beats and his distinctly melodic delivery, plus features from J Hus, Dave, Dolapo and Stormzy (above), this is a sweet soundtrack for sunny days to come. [Listen now]

Sampa The Great – ‘Final Form’

Booming brass and euphoric bars, the Australia-via-Zambia rapper is bringing the soulful heat on this latest cut. She’s said it’s about growth and calling out any negativity towards that process. It does feel like a song to blast in the car, wind blowing through your hair, giving zero fucks.

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