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Five on it: Unwrapped is fun, but we still need to buy music

It's been fun celebrating artists we've rated this week, but it's even better to do it while also buying some of their work. Plus new music in Five on it, featuring releases from Rico Nasty, Ego Ella May ft. Lex Amor, Daytimers, Peyton and Enny ft. Jorja Smith.

04 Dec 2020

Have I done some version of this introduction multiple times this year, most notably when Five on it happens to fall on Bandcamp Day? Yes, absolutely. But it bears repeating.

This week, so many of us enjoyed poring through the weird data from streaming giant Spotify, to see what it has learned about us over the year, reminiscing about that month we spent listening to one Sugababes song over and over (just me?). People enjoy presenting themselves through their taste in music, and equally enjoy being able to shout out artists they love – Unwrapped gives an option to tweet your thanks to your favourite artists of the year.

In itself: fine. All streaming services are easy and convenient to use, I would be wildly hypocritical to say I don’t enjoy them and use them regularly. But, as the amazing Nadine Shah wrote this week, music streaming makes major labels richer while more underground artists stay broke.

Conscious consumption is important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your faves are gassed when they see a “thank you” via your Unwrapped, but maybe do them a solid and also thank them by buying some of their music and merch too. It’s something I’m constantly trying to be better about too. As ever, here’s the Black Bandcamp list, which is a great place to start.

And now, here’s Five on it:

Rico Nasty  – Nightmare Vacation

The debut studio album from the incredible Maryland rapper is here and as excellent as we’d hoped, boasting vast sonics that champion saturated trap, pop, punk and more.

Ego Ella May ft. Lex Amor – ‘How Long ‘Til We’re Home’ (Josette Joseph Remix)

A remixed version of a delicious track from Ego Ella May’s debut album, this is rich, luxurious and low-key trippy, with rapper Lex Amor’s intonations adding a warm edge. 

Daytimers – DT001

An image of the Daytimers DT001 compilation cover, featuring a navy blue background and a sculpture of a golden hand, touching finger to thumb with a red ribbon threaded through it.

This week sees the release of this banging compilation from Daytimers, a collective of South Asian artists. All proceeds are going to Restless Beings, plus – among other greatness – there’s a remix of that gorgeous love song from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (if you know you know).

Peyton – ‘Swag’

The synths on this are so lush you could float on them – in fact, that’s exactly what Texan artist Peyton’s vocal seems to do, gliding dreamily above it all on this self-love anthem.

Enny ft Jorja Smith – ‘Dope Black Girls’

When ‘Dope Black Girls’ dropped earlier this year, it was excellent as it was, but this new version with Jorja Smith’s silky delicate vocals makes the celebration of Black women extra special. 

You can, with some irony, follow the Five on it playlist on Spotify: