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gal-dem in conversation with Kot Bonkers: ‘I want people to feel whatever they choose to feel’

14 Feb 2016

Unapologetically in your face, Kot Bonkers is everything and more that you’d expect from a stay-at-home, cat-loving, Cher drawing girl.

If you haven’t already seen her work grace the feeds of pretty much every Instagram celeb, you’re not ready for 2016. Child-like scrawls litter her feed, yet the messages her posts come with are infinitely more resounding: “If you’re reading this you should know that 774 million people around the world are still illiterate”, one reads.

She shocks by stating the obvious and is refreshing in a sea of self-help Instagram’s and food diaries, where the 30-day squat challenge is usually the deepest memo you’ll get. Kot gives us something to smile about each day.

Her work is genius and candidly sincere, far away from the forced teenage angst we’re all so used to seeing. You’ll be sure to find at least one ‘talking head’ post that’s relevant to your current first world anguish – be it about social anxiety, pressures to meet new people or actually really not wanting a boyfriend.

Not one to judge, her mottos and mantras relate to everyone. They’re simple, neat tips on dealing with the fast paced, ‘here now, gone tomorrow’ pressures of our technology obsessed world. You can learn to be alone, to love yourself and be happy because sometimes small talk is just noise pollution. We should all take a leaf out of her sketchbook and essentially ‘know ourselves to know the world.’

Last week, gal-dem had a chat with Kot about her work.

So first of all – who is Kot Bonkers?

I don’t know. Not a fixed static being. I’m constantly changing & don’t feel the need to really define myself.

What would you say is/are your biggest accomplishment/s to date?

Learning to enjoy my own company. Learning to be self-confident.

What influenced/inspired you with talking heads? – They’ve attracted a lot of attention, being the perfect mix of blatant truths and irony. 

I made talking heads for my own self. I’d observe my own behaviour and take notes on how to improve my daily life. Then I randomly decided to put those notes into these ”talking heads”. And surprisingly a lot of people were able to relate (more people than I could have ever expected).Talking_Head_1_pixlr

What do you want people to feel with your work?

I want people to feel whatever they choose to feel. Free form of interpretation.

With vaginas and anti-boyfriend slogans littering your Instagram feed many would assume you were a feminist artist- are you?


What do you think about the female art-scene?

I am not sure what the ”female art-scene” is. I support anyone who is being themselves, and who is embracing who they are, expressing themselves creatively. Hopefully everyone finds themselves, finds what they love doing and goes for it.

Which one of your works would you give to gal-dem (if you were feeling generous)?

None. Lol. No but really, I wouldn’t. Nothing personal.

So it’s Valentine’s Day we see that you’re not a fan of fuckboy flavour crisps – give us a play by play of your ideal day/night?

I am not sure. I don’t celebrate it. Some days I feel love, some days I don’t. A perfect day is a day when I feel peaceful inside, and creatively driven. Motivated to think.

What are you expecting for the future – in your personal and creative life?

Nothing, I think expectations ruin life. I try to be present in each moment and remind myself I am blessed to be right where I am. Hopefully future surprises me, for now – I will work my ass off every day, hoping it’ll bring the best 🙂

You can find Kot Bonkers on Instagram and buy her prints here.