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Watch how movement can make you lose yourself in this stimulating short film

Dedicated to celebrating physical art forms in a cohesive ensemble, Nicolee Tsin platforms a multitude of POC and queer talent in our latest installment of shorties.

04 May 2022

Body popping, krumping and kendo martial arts are just a few of the physical art forms showcased in Nicolee Tsin’s short film Up Next New Season. Shot in black and white from the outset and throughout, we see how the absence of dialogue can unveil a pure and universal experience. Being compelled to move in the way that feels most natural to you. Doing what you love, as if nobody’s watching. In Tsin’s own words, “movement is boundless/freedom and shape shifting/ a carrier of stories/ a way of life”.

The initial interest for this short film was sparked by the intersection of movement and electronic music. By showcasing 11 physical performers from a host of disciplines, Nicolee has reflected the changing perspectives in the media and performing industries today, both in front and behind the camera. The immersive musical accompaniment, courtesy of Splash Pattern, was a driving force for the performing artists, and was created with this film in mind. In fact, the cast’s routines were improvised on filming day, and the camera direction was governed by the movement of the ensemble. The repetitive thud of the drums co-exist with a simple yet infectious bass line that compels you to bop your head in sync. The collaborative effort between Tsin and Splash Pattern pays tribute to the very roots of this project – the body and sound.

Transcending beyond the limiters of genre, Tsin and co. have carefully crafted this exhibition with one primary objective: to platform POC and queer talent in disciplines that are rooted in their respective cultures. Whether that be voguing, breakdancing or boxing, the entire cast’s charm and candour throughout the film is a testament to the mission. This film is a celebration of these artists and is brimming with joy throughout. Don’t be fooled by the almost-gothic aesthetic, this piece is a love letter to creativity and a salute to traditions.

Immerse yourself into the music and watch Up Next New Season above.

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