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Guest mix 005: Shy One – Outlook 2016 warm up

31 Aug 2016

With the the bank holiday fun over and as many prepare to go back to school, university and work, there are only a few bits of summer fun left. One of which being none other than Outlook Festival. Kicking off with an opening party tonight, the four day festival takes place against a majestic backdrop of a beach and abandoned fort. There are countless acts to look forward to, but we managed to get a taste of what to expect in the form of a guest mix by one of the acts on the bill: Shy One.

Having been producing beats since her early teens, and also being the daughter of one of the most influential broadcasters in British music, it would seem Shy was destined for a future in music. Although her own music finds its roots in grime, Shy is not limited as her selection spans from soul, house, jazz, broken-beat and hip-hop. gal-dem caught up with Shy One to find out a little more about her journey into music.

gal-dem: Talk me through your route into music production and becoming a DJ. Was it always a given, having a parent who is a fundamental part of British broadcast and a pioneering DJ?

Shy One: Not at all, my dad didn’t encourage me to pursue music. My parents encouraged academia, despite them both being “creatives” who never went to uni! It was a natural progression, I was the kid who was too shy to dance at parties but I loved and knew all the tunes, I wanted to provide and manage the music instead, next I wanted to make it. Evolution of obsession?

Why were you posting tracks online somewhat anonymously and what spurred you to step out into the limelight?

I suppose it was low self esteem, I can’t put it down to much else than genuinely being uncomfortable with how I look(ed) and a fear of being shit. Scratcha [DVA] forced me to show my face when it was time to release the Decaffeinated Love EP.

Which fellow acts are you looking forward to seeing most at Outlook?

Can’t wait to see Cas, Hiatus Kaiyote, Mala, Henry Wu and Abra. I better apologise for my antics from now for when Fox performs ‘New Swing‘ because that’s been my summer anthem!

What made you venture into broadcast? For people who may not have listened to your shows on Radar or Balamii, what can they expect when they tune in?

Here’s where I give my pops some props. I remember being 3 and listening to him on Kiss FM – and trying to communicate with him by speaking into my mum’s speakers – since then I’ve been drawn to it. After school I’d play music and walk around the flat pretending I was presenting my own show. My youth club gave my first opportunity to do some community radio, then I joined a pirate and eventually moved to Internet radio and here we are.

The Radar show is bi-weekly, I like to use it to have fun and play a real mixture of stuff. It doesn’t matter the genre, if I’ve been feeling it and need to share it, then I’ll spin it.

My new Balamii show gives me the chance to go a little deeper, play older more “grown” stuff and less mixing. More about about paying homage to my influences and sharing the sounds I don’t get to play in clubs.

Tell us about the mix you have recorded for gal-dem.

A sticky, sweet summer soundtrack for lovers and loners.

With two EPs and an LP, and two radio shows already under your belt, what can we expect on the horizon for Shy One?

I’ma keep on keeping on and spreading love via music. My next EP will be out on DVA Music.

Catch Shy One bi-weekly Wednesdays on Radar Radio 6-8pm and on Balamii Radio monthly. Follow her on Twitter to stay in the loop.