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Loqueesha is a movie about a white man who pretends to be a black woman to get a job. Sorry, what?

14 May 2019

There are times when something is so terrible, you’re morally conflicted about whether to write about it. Loqueesha, a film where a white man struggling to remain relevant in the media decides to adopt a blaccent and pretend to be a black woman on radio, is one of those cases.

Jeremy Saville, wrote, directed and stars in the controversial film, which is set for release in the US July 12. Looking like it was shot on an iPhone, this new independent film depicts a white man who pretends to be a black woman to get a job so that he can pay for his son’s private school fees. Joe is good at giving advice and sees an ad for a radio personality that specifies that they’re particularly interested in minority applicants.

This car crash trailer and premise sits at the intersection of several lazy comedic tropes. The title sounds like something from that old YouTube video where white kids parody “ghetto black names” by listing the likes of Obamaniqua and Sha’ Nay Nay. Furthermore, it looks to revive the trend seen in the likes of Big Momma’s House, White Chicks, and of course Mrs Doubtfire, where for some reason the only way for men to save themselves from a situation is to take on the identity of someone of another gender and/or race. Most of these films derived comedy from lazy stereotypes about women. But, surely we’ve exhausted this genre already? As we’ve previously outlined blackface comedies are relics of the past, and should probably stay that way.

While this shit may have felt edgy or on the nose in the noughties, this iteration feels particularly dusty. More for the fact that unlike White Chicks, it’s a white man swapping into a different race under the misapprehension that minorities find it easier to get jobs. Something that is easily debunked when you look at any statistics.

Loqueesha (I honestly can’t even type the name), is a gross subversion of innovative surrealist films like Sorry To Bother You and BlacKkKlansman that looked at the power of white privilege through the adoption of white voices as a means to an end professionally.

Jeremy Saville claims to be a comedian, although I haven’t laughed yet. This film is supposedly in cinemas in the US although I can’t find any information on the distributor. On IMDB it gives special thanks to Revenge of the Cis, a podcast hosted by a duo who have united to take on the “SJW-dominated entertainment sphere”. The production company behind the film (The Best Movie LLC) only has one other title. It’s a Jeremy Saville film from 2012 called The Test. So it’s either a very very small project from a very sad little man, or it genuinely is a troll from an attention-seeking comedian.

At the beginning of the clip, it claims to be an official selection at San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, something the official social channels for the event have denied.

That’s where my difficulty with this film lies, to come out with a film in 2019 where the entire premise is a white man adopting AAVE and swinging his neck feels like we’re being trolled and coerced into anger in order to promote a distinctly terrible project. This paranoia is only further reinforced by the fact that someone handling the press for this film reached out to gal-dem for coverage.

In order to curry favour with black critics, Jeremy paid a visit to Marlon Wayans’ show and took a selfie with him, accompanied with the caption: “With @marlonwayans, @LoqueeshaMovie meet #WhiteChicks … Keep laughing and loving.”

Don’t be too quick to take that as a co-sign as shortly afterwards Marlon took to Twitter to write a cryptic post. “I hate when people tag me in their bullshit. It’s annoying as fuck,” he wrote.

Look at some of the responses to the movie so far below:

You won’t have my rage today Loqueesha, I won’t let you have it.