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Kara Marni is the rising North Londoner whose new video celebrates women’s solidarity

11 Apr 2019

At 21-years-old, Kara Marni is making waves in the music world with her luxe blend of soulful pop. Channelling Sade as much as Ella Mai, the North London singer-songwriter has been singing since she was a kid – in fact, her grandma spotted her singing talent when she was a baby.

Over the past few years, pursuing music has become a reality for Kara, going from performing covers (her Minnie Riperton one is particularly impressive) to breaking-through as an artist in her own right. Here she introduces herself, and exclusively shares her new, Dua-Lipa-energy video, for her latest track, ‘Lose My Love’.

gal-dem: What’s your earliest music memory, and what made you decide to pursue music properly?
Kara Marni: Listening and dancing to great music round the house – Diana’s ‘I’m Coming Out’ was always one of the first songs blasting through the speakers! I had always wanted to sing, but when I met my manager a couple of years ago is where I began to properly focus on my songwriting, finding my sound and working towards my first project ‘Love Just Ain’t Enough’.

I read that you dropped out of the BRIT School – can you tell us a bit about that decision?
It came quite organically: I met my management and I was writing lots out of school, and it seemed a natural step to take as I wanted to do be doing it full time, in the studio making music. It was definitely the right thing for me to leave when I did.

You were initially known for your cover songs – is that something we can expect more of in future?
Yes, I love trying to put my spin on songs that have inspired me hugely. I do it a lot in my live sets, usually flipping an older classic with a current song that I’m feeling – so at my last gig it was Lauryn Hill, ‘Ex-factor’ and Post Malone ‘Better Now’. The crowd always seem to love them. I recorded some other mash-ups last week and I’m going to start dropping them on my YouTube channel.

Do the lyrics for ‘Lose My Love’ come from a real place, and if so is it weird being that candid about your personal life? 
Yes, lyrics are based off my life – and yeah it is weird, because you don’t just meet people and spill out your heart to them…but as an artist and songwriter that’s part of it, I guess.

Can you tell us about the video?
It’s directed by KC Locke who’s worked with some amazing artists like IAMDDB and Skepta. The video is all about women sticking together, forgetting about guys and leaving relationship troubles in the dust.

What’s next?
I’m just about to announce a headline UK and European tour for October and it’s gonna be really special. I also have more music coming out with another project releasing this year. I’m playing some amazing festivals – one that I have dreamed of playing since I was a lil’ girl… and I’m looking forward to supporting Lewis Capaldi at The Great Escape – he cracks me up. I think it’s going to be a really good year!