Photography by Adrianne McKenzie

Every big dream starts with a small step. Even so, knowing which ones to take can be daunting. Where do I begin? What if it fails?” these are questions that every creative has asked themselves when starting a new project. 

To boost your confidence, gal-dem has partnered with Kickstarter to create a tour of events aimed at equipping women and non-binary people of colour with the tools they need to turn ideas into a reality. Following our success in London, this spring, we’ll be coming to Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and Glasgow.

Whatever your creative expression, launching projects that will shake the table doesn’t need to be daunting. With these workshops, you’ll be given knowledge and encouragement to take your ideas to the next level. It will give you the space to hone your ideas, come away with a tangible plan to enact them and meet others who are doing the same. We want to empower women and non-binary people of colour to pursue their ideas with confidence and assertion.

Animated advert for a profile of trans-masculine non-binary artist Mel Lou, produced in collaboration with Gap.

Participants will hear from our speakers and gather into smaller groups to share and develop ideas from the day. You’ll get advice from the gal-dem team and Kickstarter staff on storytelling and how to build a community around your project. Once the workshop is complete, Kickstarter will invite you to launch your project later this year.

These events are an opportunity to connect with other creatives and demystify crowdfunding. Whether your specific project falls under art, comics, crafts, dance, film and video, journalism, music, photography, publishing or theatre, these workshops will cater to a variety of different mediums.

We’re looking for people with diverse interests and ambitions to see them realised. Taking a chance on yourself doesn’t need to be a solitary experience, but a leap of faith you can take with supportyou can do this and we want to help you. Your voice is valuable and you deserve the resources to share it with the world.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Apply to the Kickstarter x gal-dem workshops today. Applications for the workshops close on Monday 16 March at 12pm

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