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Listen as Lil C brings you solo vibes with this self-isolation mix

You can't go out so we're bringing the tunes to you – but please know you’re never alone when you’re one of the gal-dem


27 Mar 2020

We know that weekends are special. For many of us, they’re time away from the grind of mundane, tiring work shit, a couple of days to recuperate and – crucially – to blow off some steam. It’s a time for shared experiences with friends and loved ones, whether it’s going to nice restaurants, having your mates round or brukking it down at some sticky-floored club.

And today, the weekend is here: it’s a Friday night and the vibe is right. You’re heading out where? Oh, right…nowhere. Self-isolation is hitting us all hard, and it feels like weekends are a myth – but please know you’re never alone when you’re one of the gal-dem. 

In honour of the fact that we all have the shared experience of being firmly planted inside, one of gal-dem’s incredible resident DJs, Lil C, has compiled a mix of tracks for your aural pleasure.

From the comfort of your own home, you can ruminate on your solitude, daydream about dancefloors and bust some moves to this beautifully-curated melding of everything from Aretha to J Hus to Blu Cantrell. 

Just because now is the time to stay at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get that Friday night joy and heat – and in the words of Lil C herself, this mix arrives “just in time for the freakin’ weekend.” Sync it up with your mates on House Party or just play it loud on your own and live!  Who even is cabin fever when you’ve got club bangers?

Listen below.