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Meet the gal-dem: Liv Little

25 Sep 2015

Liv Little, Director, gal-dem

Tell us about yourself.
I come from a tight-knit family – half Guyanese and half Jamaican. My mum and aunty are twins so I basically have two mums! And I have a little sister who is 9.

Why did you create gal-dem?
I’d say gal-dem was a channel which I really needed. I needed a space where I could connect with likeminded people. Something different from uni. I’ve always been surrounded by great white friends but really needed to connect with people on another level. I wanted to create the sort of channel that I always wished existed.

Any other hobbies/interested outside of gal-dem?
My most recent project was working on the ‘Set her free’ campaign this summer for Women for Refugee Women. I’m a documentary junkie; there’s hardly anything I haven’t seen. Also, I love watching pretty dark shit – it’s actually kinda creepy.

Fun fact about yourself?
I love cheese an unusual amount. I had a birthday cake made out of cheese. It was layer upon layer of cheese with grapes and chutney around the side.

Who inspires you?
My mum of course. And my grandma is the sassiest lady you’ll ever meet.



Twitter: @oliviaslittle

Instagram: oliviasimonelittle