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How often are gal-dem print magazines distributed? (gal-dem nice and spice)

gal-dem produces an inaugural print magazine  – each issue comes out during September. Every year the issue is specially themed around topics which are particularly pertinent for that time. All the content is completely original.

What merchandise is included in the gal-dem spice membership tier? (gal-dem spice)

You will receive two limited edition pieces of gal-dem merchandise over the course of one year. These could include tote bags and t-shirts.

How many members only and gal-dem events will I have access to and where will they be held? (gal-dem nice)

You will have access to a total of four events over the course of twelve months. At least two will take place in London as well as other cities (likely Birmingham and Bristol) dependent upon demand. For members only events attendance will be capped at the first 100 members to sign up and for gal-dem events attendance will be dependent upon on the size of the event.

Will members events be recorded for those who can’t attend? (gal-dem nice)

Yes, all members events will be recorded in audio format and distributed to members who were not able to attend.

Are live events still going ahead in light of COVID-19? (gal-dem nice)

During the Corona Virus epidemic we will turn our physical events into digital ones, using exclusive streams, lives, and webinars to make sure you’re still getting a chance to meet and interact with some gal-dem faves in the safest possible way.

We’re monitoring the situation closely and will continue to hold our events digitally until it is safe to do otherwise!

What information will be broadcasted in the members only WhatsApp? (gal-dem nice and spice)

gal-dem will curate a series of interesting events, exhibitions, articles and job opportunities which will be shared in our broadcast only gal-dem WhatsApp group.

What kinds of perks will gal-dem be providing from brands? (all members)

There will be lots of discount codes at a minimum of 20% off from some of our favourite brands. This includes a mixture of food, fashion, sporting supplies and drinks.

What does gal-dem’s members newsletter include? (all members)

gal-dem’s members newsletter includes weekly reflections from a member of the editorial team.

What does a first look on gal-dem events mean? (all members)

A first look means that gal-dem events will go on sale to gal-dem members one day ahead of their release to the general public (this will be capped at 30% of overall event capacity if the event is for more than 50 people, or 20% if the capacity of the event otherwise).

This applies to events which are hosted by gal-dem and not produced in conjunction with another partner.


Can I cancel my gal-dem membership?

Yes! While we want you to stay on as a gal-dem member, we understand that you may only be interested in a short term membership, or your circumstances may change post-purchase.

To cancel your membership please visit SteadyHQ, log into your membership account, and cancel from there. Any cancellation queries are handled by SteadyHQ and not gal-dem.

If you are considering buying a short-term membership, we’d urge you to select a monthly plan rather than annual. Annual plans are charged as 1 lump sum, whereas monthly plans are recurring fees charged every 30 days.


I need to change the details of my gal-dem membership

gal-dem is not able to change your details for you, but the team at SteadyHQ who process memberships can support you with any payment or detail change requests. Visit them here.