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Mojo Kojo x Ijoya: fusing west African fashion and music

30 Jan 2017


Mojo Kojo x Ijoya is the streetwear-cum-music collaboration seasoning London’s cultural landscape with some West African heat. On Thursday 2 February, Queen of Hoxton will assume the dynamics of a Lagos style tun-up – hosting the project’s fifth running party alongside zine and DJ collective BORN n BREAD. Expect a kaleidoscope of colour, creativity and kente cloth, and if you wholly succumb to the fervour, mastermind Koye Adesanya is to blame.

Image by: @romanyfrancesca

When it comes to his streetwear label, Mojo Kojo, the founder himself, handpicks the fabrics. Quintessential African prints are remixed for a nostalgic 90s twist. With a brand ethos seeking to celebrate Koye’s own heritage, the end product oozes with authenticity and fun. The popular Selassie design uses the classic red, gold and green stripes and pays homage to the eminent Ethiopian Emperor, whilst other styles include the playboy Maze two-piece, the aquamarine batik fabric Elephant two-piece and of course, the trademark carnivalesque bum bag, complete with a Mojo Kojo stamp of approval.

Image by: @romanyfrancesca

With Mojo Kojo providing aesthetics, Ijoya’s supplying the sounds.‘Ijoya’, a Yoruba term for ‘time to dance’, is boldly injecting UK dance floors with Afrobeats, African disco and funk. From Ghanaian Highlife to Moga disco, Ijoya’s resident DJ’s Rory Holland and Nathan Afrifa, mix and reload in a bid to capture the essence of the West side. Koye has single-handedly fused a passion for music and for art, into one established and creative platform. The end product is magnetic; the distinguished style of Mojo Kojo is perfectly supported by a soundtrack of infectious Ijoya beats.The beauty lies in its variety – each Mojo Kojo x Ijoya party is different. Its debut was back in May 2015 in Manchester, a month before Koye graduated from the city’s University. Since then it’s been a steady upward progression. The fashion and music elements alike, have overtime garnered more exposure, allowing the parties themselves to flourish in both Manchester and London.

February’s event will see the appearance of guest DJ MAROT, and the exhibiting of African inspired artwork by Chiizii, of whom Koye is a keen fan. The young visionary has likewise sought unity with Peckham’s finest girl gang BORN n BREAD for a uniquely London edition. It was a partnership borne out of mutual goals; after purchasing a copy of BORN n BREAD’s ‘African Tales’ zine, Koye was intent on teaming up.

Poster art by: @tomiolopade

So what’s next for Mojo Kojo x Ijoya? A trip back to Nigeria to reconvene, and then Koye aims to develop the brands online presence, with an eye for interesting future partnerships. Stay tuned for another Ijoya party to welcome summer 2017, and coincide with the release of Mojo Kojo’s summer collection. We support Koye Adesanya and his quest to bring the West African sunshine to our doorstep.  

Head over to Mojo Kojo’s Instagram and online store to see more.