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gal-dem’s series on learning new skills as an adult, proving that it’s never too late to give something a go

Have you always wanted to try a new hobby or teach yourself a skill, but were scared that you’re ‘too old’ to pursue it? Maybe you’re ready to learn how to swim without holding onto the slippery edges of a pool? Or finally, you want to learn how to ride a bike?

As many of us feel compelled to make a list of new year’s resolutions for 2022, gal-dem is bringing you five essays from people of colour who have thrown caution to the wind and taken up a new hobby in adulthood, despite fearing that they were ‘too late’.

From cosplaying and speedskating, to hip-hop dance classes in South Korea, our writers analyse the structural barriers they’ve had to overcome to learn new skills, and reflect on how their newfound hobbies have challenged and grown their character.

We want you to feel encouraged by these stories of bravery and pure joy, and to take the risks you may have struggled to in previous years!