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A list of links to resources that may be helpful if the issues of abuse, assault and violence in the music industry raised in Open Secrets have impacted you

Music industry


SoundGirls is a global non-profit organisation committed to empowering people from marginalised genders to get into audio. They have a list of resources for sexual harassment and also for music industry freelancers.

Musicians’ Union

The Musicians’ Union is a trade union that represents musicians working in the UK across all ends of the music industry. The MU Safe Space scheme allows musicians to report cases of sexual assault anonymously. Find their guidance on sexual harassment at work and the MU Safe Space scheme.

Good Night Out

Good Night Out is a campaign for all-round safer nightlife, including fighting against sexual harassment at live music events and spiking. 

Girls Against

Girls Against are a non-profit organisation fighting against sexual harassment assault and misogyny in the live music sector.

Domestic violence and sexual assault


Galop offers supports for LGBT+ survivors of sexual assault, hate crimes and domestic violence. Their services include a helpline and online chatbox, as well as advocates and caseworkers who can give advice and emotional support.

Victim Support

Victim Support is a charity that helps victims of crimes and traumatic incidents in England and Wales. They can provide counselling and legal advice amongst other types of support. 

Rape Crisis Scotland 

Rape Crisis Scotland is an organisation working to transform attitudes, improve responses and ultimately to end rape and sexual violence in all its forms. 

Music industry communities

Black Music Coalition

The Black Music Coalition is a UK-based organisation fighting against racial justice and stamping out anti-Black racism in the music industry. 

The Debrief

The Debrief is an online blog uplifting Black women and women of colour in the music industry. 

She Said So

She Said So is a global community for women and people of other marginalised genders in the music industry. offers a space where members can ask for advice and build a community. 

Union of Musicians and Allied Workers

The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers are a non-profit organisation helping music industry workers fight for a just music industry. 

Womxn in CTRL

Women in CTRL is a not-for-profit organisation and professional member community of over 5,000 women globally which provides tools and training to empower women to leadership.

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