An award winning media company committed to sharing the perspectives of people of colour from marginalised genders

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Why partner with us commercially?

gal-dem is an award winning, black owned media company committed to sharing the perspectives of people of colour from marginalised genders.

We’re addressing inequality and misrepresentation in the industry through platforming the creative and editorial work of people of colour from marginalised genders across fashion, lifestyle, politics, music, arts, and opinion.

We’re the only media company that does what we do, and we’re making our mark at home and abroad.

About commercial 

At gal-dem we want to disrupt the tired stereotypes in a whitewashed media environment, which calls for celebrating and platforming diversity, not just through representation, but also in the very approach we take to building out our commercial partnerships. 

At gal-dem, it matters to us that intersectionality runs through all our campaigns, which means reflecting the full spectrum of diversity across society! We partner with people and organisations that are socially conscious, authentic and embedded organisationally or a part of the very communities we serve. All of our productions, be it experiential events to long-term media campaigns, centre people from marginalised communities both behind the scenes and visibly front and centre of them.  

All our partners are assessed by gal-dem against our key values, such as commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as long-term investment into the communities we serve! We want to ensure that through us, our communities are not only made more visible, but that also through our commercial partnerships we are able to reinvest resources into them too, by providing paid work and opportunities they otherwise would be kept from due to gatekeeping. 

By partnering with us, not only will you be showing your dedication and commitment to breaking down barriers to entry and pushing forward new frontiers as it pertains to marginalised communities, you will also be creating a genuine, authentic and long-term value exchange. 

We are authentic, innovative, genuine, a lot of fun and very good at what we do! You don’t have to take our word for it though, please check out our previous campaigns here.


Vision Statement 

Our vision is to ensure gal-dem is one of the most sought after companies to partner with globally on representation of POC marginalised genders and communities, as well as a go-to resource for information and analysis, utilising a wide range of media to do so. 


Mission Statement

We want to facilitate representation of POC from marginalised gender groups authentically, inclusively and mindfully, thus increasing visibility and opportunities for people from these communities and contributing to the world being a safer, more inclusive and equitable place for them to exist in. 



  1. Reflect the stories and experiences of our communities authentically. 
  2. Hold brands accountable to marginalised communities, by driving tangible investment from brands through long-term impactful partnerships.
  3. Include people and organisations from POC marginalised genders in line with our values across all our commercial work.
  4. Platform marginalised communities around the world, so expanding beyond the UK.
  5. A conduit for change across the media landscape, demonstrating through our very existence, that commercial and social value do not need to be mutually exclusive!
  6. Disrupting traditional eurocentric patriarchal models of media, by being a clear example of successful, vibrant campaigns, that truly centre people from marginalised communities, as opposed to treating us as an afterthought. 
  7. Challenging how the media reflects marginalised communities, by moving beyond the narrow trauma lens and reflecting the full spectrum of ways we live that aren’t reflected, particularly our joy!
  8. Being a business changemaker, through expanding our consulting and research capabilities, we want to be part of structurally changing businesses’ approach to marginalised communities beyond media campaigns.