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Piers Morgan: Jealous or crazy?

26 Apr 2016

First of all, if you’ve come here to reply to this article saying it’s “racist to white people” you can step aside. This is about a man trying to capitalise off the back of a black woman’s artistic movement. A movement which is empowering other black women worldwide. If you ain’t down for Beyoncé’s cause, for the black sisters, mothers and daughters of this world, and the healing of arguably the most violated women in today’s society, you are as guilty as him.

Lemonade is a visual album by Beyoncé that incorporates music and documentary, and it is fair to say she has outdone herself once again. I suggest before even trying to have an opinion about it you give it a watch, which is something I think we can all agree Piers has not done.

The opening line for his article in the Daily Mail (instant alarm bells) is, “I never like it when entertainers go all political.” My bad Piers, but I don’t think you will be hearing an apology any time soon. Beyoncé may not have been political before, but she sure is now. Whether or not you approve, the awakening of the black woman is here. In Lemonade, the imagery alone in the transition between “Pray You Catch Me” to “Hold Up” is enough to show you that she was downplaying her glorious individuality to avoid being branded as the hideous stereotype of “angry black woman”. She doesn’t give a crap anymore though. Would you have preferred her to stay silent Piers? Is her beautiful black voice threatening your stance as arguably the most privileged human in today’s world, the white male?


The most shocking comment made by Piers is when he talks about Lesley McSpadden and Sybrina Fulton. Here are two mothers who had their sons stolen from them as a direct result of racism and police brutality in the US and who are featured in Lemonade holding photographs of their lost boys – to which Piers says, “I felt very uneasy watching these women being used in this way to sell an album. It smacks of shameless exploitation.”

Excuse me, but I think you need to take several seats. Not only has Beyoncé donated $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter, Opportunity Agenda, Hands Up United and The Trayvon Martin Foundation, she has also (along with Jay-Z) paid tens of thousands to free protesters who could not afford bail following anti police brutality demonstrations. So while she’s over there using her unstoppable worldwide influence to raise awareness for these poor mothers and their movement for justice, how are you helping the cause Piers? How much have you given? Oh that’s right, you’re far too busy trying to criticise their right to willingly participate in her film in order to grab yourself a shred of their reflected spotlight.


It’s understandable that Piers is acting like a terrified toddler with all that privilege at stake. These women are black, fearless, and free to make their own choices regardless of the opinions of white males. Lemonade wasn’t made for white men, and it will continue to be profound without their approval. These women want change, they want recognition, and they will get it without your help.

He writes, “I have to be honest, I preferred the old Beyoncé. The less inflammatory, agitating one.” But nobody is listening anymore. They have all taken to the streets at the sound of a white man with a shit suit calling our struggle “agitating”. Hot sauce in tow of course, I say we find his car and run over it with a monster truck.