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Poppy Ajudha shines a light on Deptford in ‘Love Falls Down’ visuals

03 Apr 2017

We first caught up with Poppy Ajudha back in 2015, just after the launch of her track ‘David’s Song’. Since then, we’ve been following her journey from festival to festival (and haircut to haircut), and have even been blessed enough to witness her perform at a few gal-dem events.

She’s now back with a video for her new single ‘Love Falls Down’, a cool Sunday morning of a track. And the video matches; Poppy is lounging around with mugs of tea and plants and a beautiful cat, looking all kinds of cosy and relaxed. “‘Love Falls Down’ is a love and coming of age song so I really wanted position it in space and time with the video,” Poppy shares. “How we develop is so dependent on where we are.”

The video is very much rooted in a particular time and space. In the video, Poppy flicks through some records, waters her plants, puts on clothes, and then sets off out on her bike. The video follows her cycling through Deptford, meeting up with friends, and having what looks like a really fucking charming day.

“I wanted to shine light on the beauty of Deptford because of the current efforts in changing it within the capitalist agenda (urban planning/gentrification etc.) and with the long history Deptford has in these processes, show its endurance”, says Poppy. “I think it’s something that most young people in South London feel strongly about and see happening around them.”

It’s easy to see how the video has such a cosy and familiar vibe. “Lots of the video was filmed at my home and in and around shops on Deptford market,” Poppy says. It feels real and honest, because it is real and honest. “I’ve spent most of my life walking up and down that road so really wanted to capture all the characters and scenes you come across there.”

Currently, Poppy is working on her forthcoming EP, as well as some collaborations which are expected to come out this summer. ‘Love Falls Down’ is available now to stream and download.