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#SelfcareSundays: Podcasts you should be listening to

28 Feb 2016

It’s true to say that you, your mum, the girl you accidentally bumped into on the train and Nigel down the road has a favourite podcast. In the over saturated Internet world, where DIY culture is flourishing, and different voices and lived experiences are shared so easily, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s some crackin’ content out there. For many of us around the world, it can be hard to find people similar to us who we can relate to and have conversations with about work, pop-culture or even aspirations and this is where podcasts save the day. Busy lives can at times be lonely, so multitask and zone out with some of the shows I swear by at the moment:

5) The Cult Café Podcast: Hosted by Goldsmiths student and radio presenter, Hattie Wynter-Bridges and Visual Effects Artist, Doug Haynes, duly named The Cult Café Podcast, is still in early days with one episode. Both presenter (Hattie) and producer (Doug) have a mutual love of conversations, creativity and caffeinated beverages. Each week they interview a person working in a creative field in a different café with the conversation transcending the workplace. If you like being a fly on the wall and keeping up to date with what’s happening in various creative industries, and learning about interesting people, make yourself a good brew and relax with these guys.

4) BORN n BREAD: Zine Queens, BORN n BREAD collective are a group of childhood friends from South London. In between creating sold out content (collaged, scanned in and stapled together by their fair hands) worldwide and in local shops in Peckham, they’re also DJs and radio hosts. They’ve already been profiled in The Fader multiple times. Check out their show on NTS radio where there’s continuous laughter in between a stream of a delicious music selection.

3) Two Brown Girls: Two Brown Girls is a weekly pop-culture podcast on movies, TV, film and music from the PoV of women of colour, hosted by writers and film critics Zeba Blay and Fariha Roisin. The two friends have candid, warm and funny discussions about societal topics and it’s so natural that I feel like I’ve tapped in to their phone lines. With over one hundred shows, 2BG are currently on hiatus because they’re busy taking over the world but will be back in March, so stay tuned.

2) Another Round: Hosted by BuzzFeed (and most likely real-life) best friends Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, Another Round is the perfect hybrid between pop-culture critique and sociological, anthropological genius from a clever black girl PoV. In between asking woke white guys of New York if they moisturise, to asking Hillary Clinton when they should expect their reparation cheques in the mail and divulging into favourite rom-coms with Ta-Nehisi Coates, these two are probably my favourite internet duo.

1) Because I’m petty like that:

Number 1, of course is gal-dem’s first podcast show, Because I’m petty like that hosted by Fatma Wardy, Daisy Ifama Samuel and Yero Timi-Biu dissects pop-culture happenings from the PoV of young WoC. In our first podcast, themed ‘All Your Faves Are Problematic’ we discuss Beyonce’s Formation, Kendrick’s Grammy performance, The Oscars, Lena Dunham, blood diamonds and Ja Rule. If you’re TV and music fans, and can handle us laughing loudly in to the mic, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the many more shows to come. Stay tuned.