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Watch as a cam girl session becomes an unexpected meet-cute

This new Shorties film is giving us chemistry, it's giving us spark, it's giving us... an image of Tilda Swinton sandwiched between two black millennials.

12 Feb 2021

Shorties spotlights films with bold ideas and fresh perspectives via an exciting new generation of POC filmmakers. 

I didn’t know I needed to hear someone say during a cam sex session that they “would beat the breaks off” Tilda Swinton’s ass but I guess that’s the magic of film. It takes you to places you never even dared to dream of. 

For Valentines Day our next Shorties instalment focuses on those moments where you feel a spark with a stranger momentarily in an attempt to warm our cold dead hearts. And it’s so deliciously zeitgeist that like almost every conversation right now the interaction takes place on a video call.

In Tilda, we meet a cam girl and her client and watch as they connect on a deeper level than either of them would have expected during her performance when she asks him who he would add to a threesome. He replies “old girl” who “played a mother to a little evil ass kid” in a film he loves but can’t remember the title of. It transpires that this is a reference to the actresses iconic role in We Need to Talk about Kevin. From this point the session turns a corner. Instead of pretending to be into each other they end up having an excitable conversation about performance art, Marina Abramovic’s postmodernism and cinema before planning a follow-up date.

Directed by Ray Smiling and written by Konyin Ayuba this short is part of a six-part series exploring our new weird reality, and where people are finding intimacy.

We the onlookers are more than familiar with feeling a craving for human connection, so watching a six-minute comedic meet-cute means we can live vicariously through the protagonists. Someday soon maybe you will also get to experience the unspeakable pleasure of bumping into someone else who also really fucks with Tilda Swinton.

Remember what romance feels like, watch the full film below: