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Romance yourself with our playlist of self-love jams

This V-Day we are all about loving ourselves. Be it in a sexy way, or a more wholesome, joyful way, here's a playlist of some of the team's favourite tracks for when they're feeling themselves.

14 Feb 2020

With Valentine’s Day here, we figured we ought to make a playlist. But – while we are all suckers for a good love song, and while I am always up for a heartbreak song too (yes, I am a Pisces with a Scorpio Moon, what of it) – we’ve been thinking about self-love a lot too.

I was reading an article recently about “empowerment-core” – the kinds of songs that lean into the idea of women feeling powerful in order to also sell us stuff. There’s a lot to unpack in the way that music is sold to us, for sure, but equally, I think in a world that teaches womxn of colour to hate ourselves, there is strength in music that brings joy – and that’s not necessarily “damn, maybe I should buy a sheet mask for #selfcare” kind of joy (but also, do you!). Self-care is taking time to do the work, but it’s also time to hang with your mates; and time to be with you.

Sure, Valentine’s Day in itself is consumerist as a concept – want to prove you love someone? Buy them something! But honestly, I am deeply single, and I still very much think that celebrating love is innately a beautiful thing – so this Valentine’s Day we are thinking about being soft and kind to ourselves, and also being sexy with ourselves – as one of our editors who will remain unnamed said, why not have a wank this Valentine’s Day?

So here is a playlist of songs selected by the team – tracks that make us feel powerful, that make us feel hot, that make us feel happy. Tweet, Kelela, Ms Jackson (if you’re nasty), Cardi, Hot Girl Meg and more all make the cut – and we even put that Kendrick track here.

Whether you’re boo’d up or not, romance yourself this weekend – and always.