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A spirit journeying through a non-binary experience

11 Aug 2019

Photography by Bernice Mulenga

Being non-binary feels like living your most free reality whilst appearing fantasy-like. Indeed, it’s a journey that sometimes feels like an impossible hike, but somehow right.

Indeed, we must tune out of the environmental conditioning that readily morphs us into our own worst enemies. Alternatively, tuning into the voice of our spirit allows us to live in true satisfaction, joy and harmony. If we’re breathing, we are worthy of positivity in abundance.

This human-experience can’t be put into a box – especially being non-binary, which feels like rebirth on the light side, but suffocating on the dark side. Our only choice is to surrender to the light, otherwise, with ourselves, we fight.

So, up to the stars, we look. That is the energy of our ascended non-binary people of colour and women of colour. The same stars in the sky, are the same twinkles in our mirrored reflection when our physical aligns with how we feel inside. Oh, what a feeling. 

On that note; may Ashanti Carmon, Claire Legato, Dana Martin, Michelle Simone and Muhlaysia Booker continue resting in a sense of liberating peace and eternal freedom. As well as everybody else who’s authenticity has been a trigger to their death.

When we dance, we dance in the rhythm of their hearts. Every day of our authentic self-expression is a tribute to those like us who’s life has been cut short. Oh, the human experience of the genderless soul that is being non-binary or trans!

What if the realisation that being non-binary is a facet of an angel and is meant to be sacred?