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An all-white fascist group masquerading as feminists are coming to London #120db

12 Apr 2018

What does peak white feminism look like? European fascists 120db. An all-white, racist group masquerading as a feminist one, their rallying cry is for white women to defend themselves against sexually violent migrant men, a white supremacist fantasy that Angela Davis perfectly deconstructed in her essay, “Rape, Racism and the Myth of the Black Rapist”.

This Sunday, 120db are doing a Voices of the Forgotten Women talk at Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park and we need to be there to challenge them. The talk will be led by Annika Franziska, a founder of 120dB and member of Generation Identity, an equally abhorrent racist movement that, according to Hope Not Hate, calls for “ethnopluralism” – separating and segregating people along racial lines.

120db do what the fast-growing alt-right has been doing for a couple of years now; churn out lies to racialise sexual violence, which means survivors are not supported, misogyny is left unchallenged, women of colour are hurt and PoC are continually dehumanised and targeted. This narrative is already thriving in the UK, and 120db are keen to capitalise on it.

On their website, it’s explained that their name comes from the 120-decibel pocket alarm that many women carry, which is apparently linked exclusively to the ominous term – “imported violence”. “120 decibel is the name of our movement, which will sound the alarm,” it reads. The group began in Germany, and they argue that they are not racist because, “you will find many statistics, which show you how there is a clear connection between increasing migration and increasing reports of sexual assault”. They also talk about how “a multicultural society bears an increasing threat”.

We need to turn up and speak up against 120db because when these ideas go unchallenged, things get worse for our communities. When our brothers are further demonised, we know what happens. When we as women of colour continue to be silenced, we continue to suffer.

We as feminists, as people of colour, as allies, need to gather, speak and oppose these ideas. We need to support survivors, battle abuse, rape culture, government cuts to services that support women, the detention and abuse of women of colour and the very real threats that face all women, now.

A counter talk will take place about the kinds of violence women face, all women, and what we can do about it at 10am, Speakers Corner, Sunday, 15 April