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Christmas gift ideas: books featuring black children

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18 Dec 2015

Books are always good prezzies for children, so here are a few Christmas gift ideas for the beautiful young ones around you.

Anna Hibiscus Song

By Atinuke, Lauren Tobia

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A lovely story to read aloud, with a storyline that will have you singing and dancing along. Anna Hibiscus lives in ‘Amazing Africa’ and is so happy that she cannot stop loving her entire family as they go about their daily lives.







Sky Colour

By Peter H. Reynolds

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.11.59

Ever thought about painting the sky without the colour blue? This is the challenge Marisol meets, but she is imaginative and insightful, and finds a way through.








Princess Grace

By Mary Hoffman, Illustrated by Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.12.25

This series of books has been around for a while, I had them when I was a little girl.

Grace goes through a crisis of identifying a princess that looks like her and does the things that she does. She goes on a historical journey, learning about warrior princess Amina of Nigeria, Pin-Yang who started the womens army of China, Zimbabwean Nyasha, Hiawatha of India, and other notable queens of colour that you rarely hear about.





Dave and the Tooth Fairy

by Verna Allette Wilkins, Paul Hunt

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This modern take on the tooth fairy is a two- for- one big up to boys and women.









Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella

By Robert D. San Souci

A noteworthy spin on the clScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.19.50assic fairytale told from the point-of-view of the fairy godmother, who worked as a blanchisseuse, or washer-woman, on a ‘green-green island in the so-blue Mer des Antilles’.  She is Cendrillon’s ‘nannin’, or godmother, and resourcefully uses breadfruit, lizards and agouti to get Cinderella to the ball in fine Caribbean style.






The Colour of Home

By Mary Hoffman

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Hassan from Somalia is a refugee in a strange land. He misses the sunshine, being outdoors and he feels awkward at school, especially with a language barrier. Once he gets to his story out he feels much better.








Cross with Us Rhinoceros

By John Bush

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.30.51

Follow the rhyming tale of  four young adventurers who bump into a rather big and  angry rhino. Will they leave their wits and run away or stay and confront the cross rhinoceros?







Handa’s Surprise

By Eileen Browne

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A young girl named Handa wants to bring a big basket of  seven juicy fruits to her friend Akeyo in the neighbouring village. But on her journey over Handa is visited by a number of sneaky animals, perhaps it won’t be Akeyo left surprised.






Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

By Verna Aardema

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.33.40Based on the folklore of the Nandi people in Kenya comes this beautiful tale. There’s a draught on the Kapiti plains and Ka-Pat, the farmer who stands on one leg, must think of a way to bring back the rain once more before the animals migrate for good and the crops all die out.





Love Thy Fro

By Casey Elisha

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Selling out the day after it’s launch, Love Thy Fro is a beautiful book about young Kemi who adores her hair. The story encourages young black kids to embrace and truly love their ‘fros. A  perfect book this Christmas to raise the self-esteem of afro adorned children and adults too!







By Trish Cooke

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.41.08

This book will warm your cockles, as baby gets carried around we can feel the love emanating from his big  Caribbean family.








Please do comment below with books from your childhood and we will add them to the list!