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Empowering the next generation of makeup artists: M·A·C’s Tomorrow’s Artist

After identifying a lack of Black freelance makeup artists, M·A·C created the Tomorrow's Artist programme to support, nurture and empower the next generation

19 Oct 2021

Supporting M·A·C’s recent trainee programme Tomorrow’s Artist, gal-dem are working with the world-renowned cosmetics brand to platform the experiences of freelance makeup artists of colour. Tomorrow’s Artist was developed to address the lack of freelance makeup artists of colour and covers everything from application techniques to skin tones and types, with guidance and mentorship from key industry professionals from M·A·C Cosmetics. 

Staying true to their heritage of supporting young talent’s journey into the makeup industry,  M·A·C created Tomorrow’s Artist to support the next generation of makeup artists. With the help of Incredible Brilliant Youth (IBY), a charity harnessing the creativity of makeup to empower and support young people, six participants enrolled onto the course, which took place from mid-August to mid-September. 

M·A·C Cosmetics Digital Learning and Education Manager for UK & Ireland, Nisha Spence explains why it’s essential for the beauty industry to actively make space for people of colour. “Historically, we’ve never really seen people of colour at the forefront of the beauty industry but it’s so important for people to be able to see themselves represented.”  

With that in mind, the structure for the course was built around the needs and requests of the participants themselves following a focus group on exactly what they wanted to learn. From skill and technique based workshops such as cut creases, application techniques and utlising different products based on face and eye shapes, to period makeup, bridal and occasion makeup workshops. 

The course was led by Teresa, founder of IBY and M·A·C legends Dominic Skinner and Terry Barber. The programme’s robust offering took students through every element of makeup they needed to know. Throughout the six weeks, the students covered topics such as skincare, going into granular detail such as skin structure, different skin types, understanding and identifying skin issues, product selection, skin prep and facial massage techniques. 

The programme went a step further to ensure these students left the course feeling as well prepared as possible before entering the makeup industry, offering holistic based workshops focussed on building qualities such as resilience and confidence, as well as business skills including budget building and creating a personal brand. 

Other topics covered included colour theory, makeup hygiene, kit exploration and natural looks. The course also included a beauty panel featuring Ateh Jewel, a fashion challenge led by Fashion Designer Gareth Pugh and a TV and film panel for students to take inspiration from and ask questions to the experts. 

gal-dem’s video series will celebrate the Tomorrow’s Artist programme with M·A·C Cosmetics and IBY, and Teresa hopes it will inspire the next generation of makeup artists.

“To anyone who watches it, I hope that you take away some confidence and that you understand that your artistry has a place in the world,” says Teresa. “I hope that you feel empowered to create and that you know that there is potential and space for the beautiful things that you make.” 

You can watch the first video of our Tomorrow’s Artist video series on our Instagram from the 27th October.