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Exclusive: Portia Ferrari’s new beauty series centres women of colour and cruelty-free products

18 Apr 2018

Makeup artist and beauty editor Portia Ferrari’s new online beauty series, Beauty Sessions With Portia Ferrari is centring women of colour whilst championing cruelty-free, vegan and organic products. Discussing topics such as race, self-love, acceptance, empowerment and beauty, each project is theme-focused following particular trends and styles and featuring range of interesting people.

Episodes consist of two videos, a tutorial where you can learn step-by-step looks with cruelty-free products and a beauty talk with a special guest. Portia Ferrari aims to take us away from buying and using chemical filled products that are tested on animals, and instead wants to get us using ethically sourced vegan products.

In the first episode of the Natural Babe Series, Portia sits down with model Pippa Melody to chat about their personal beauty experience and journey.

To catch all episodes, you can subscribe to Portia’s new YouTube channel here.
Muse, friend & Model: @pippamelody
Film, Editing & Beats: @jamie_kendrick