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We’re in the thick of Scorpio season now and it shows in the weather, the post-daylight savings aesthetic and even the music. I’m always down to listen to some spooky, moody tunes – but even if you’re not like me – now would be the time to do so.

Between Omar Apollo’s witty new single and FKA Twigs’ emotional rollercoaster of an album, this week was full of songs that will have you in your feels and dancing along in equal measure. With range, imagination, and impressive depth, here is your five on it:

FKA Twigs – ‘Magdalene’

FKA Twigs has an almost indescribable sound – earthy, ancestral, eerie and impressively vulnerable all at once. The artist has never been more raw or more herself than in her latest project. The collection is as hauntingly beautiful as we could have hoped.

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Jaz Karis – ‘Summer Stories’

Jaz Karis has been showing off her flawless vocals and smooth R&B sound for some time now, but she has truly outdone herself in her latest EP. A must listen, Jaz uses this collection to explore love with enormous grace and a deeply touching vulnerability.

Omar Apollo – ‘Hit Me Up’

Dark and surprisingly funky, Omar Apollo has delivered another hit this week – the unexpected combination of delicious bass and an almost disco-like beat makes this somehow both nostalgic and cutting edge. Combine this with the song’s impossibly cool lyrics, and we’ve got the perfect soundtrack to Scorpio season.

Collard and Bakar – ‘Stone’

This track hits on many levels. While the sunny acoustic guitar gives it a surface level cheer, a deeper listen to the lyrics show the song’s sadder, almost desperate edge. Collard and Baker deliver raw honesty along with foot-thumping beats in their latest hit.

Aadae – ‘Fly Free’

Refreshingly funky and undeniably fun, Nigerian songstress Aadae delivers a perfect dance number. A joyous celebration of freedom in all of its forms, this tune will have you dancing like it’s summertime despite the frigid weather that’s promising to take over.

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