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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: expect drama this Scorpio Season and Mercury Retrograde

06 Nov 2019

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

The early days of autumn helped us nurture new bonds and fuelled friendships built on political solidarity and flirtatious feelings. As the season passes into colder days and tensions rise on a global scale, we’re testing the limits of our time and energy before revolution inevitably unfolds.

Libra season brought some amazing people into my life through the vessel of a new workplace. As my mind spun with all of the usual adjustments that come with learning the “culture” of an established group, I found myself really enjoying the pleasantries of new connections, and fresh faces. As I mentioned in last month’s ‘scopes, there’s nothing like having people constantly ask you who you are and what you’re about that makes you learn about yourself through interactions with others! 

From this, I was joyfully reminded that the world is simultaneously tiny and huge and it can be so easy to forget that countless brilliant people exist beyond the monotonous scroll of our social media accounts. I also found myself submitting to Libra Season’s spirit by getting tattooed and finding renewed passion in my voice when speaking on pressing matters of global injustices.

But now that the balance-seeking winds of Libra season have changed into a beautiful monsoon. The atmosphere is hanging heavy and Scorpio season has arrived. It has brought the transformative fury of Mars and Pluto’s powerful energies.

On top of this, we step into November with another Mercury Retrograde underway (scream). As this planet of communication moves backwards in the sky, it causes our lives to slow down; igniting frustration around the many disruptions this can make to our bustling world. Trains are delayed, phones go on the fritz, and yes – your best friend will read the tone of that text message entirely wrong.

An important part of understanding this simultaneous Scorpio season and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is what Scorpio asks of us. This fixed water sign wants us to find the shadowy parts of ourselves and fall in love with them. To both confront and forgive, but never forget the feeling. As they hoist up emotions and ideas from our minds like settled anchors from the bottom of the ocean, there’s a deep discomfort that we experience alongside a feeling of ineffable, ancestral release. Scorpio’s energy helps us move through the difficult burdens we bare; the ones we need to confront most on our journey towards healing.

It’s no wonder we’re all ready to swipe right on a Scorpio when looking for an other-worldly experience! When they’re in something, you know they’re in it; whether it’s a conversation about politics, or an impassioned kiss. Plus, to Scorpios, small talk is probably less significant than a cishet man’s opinions of what womxn do with their bodies… 

So while the retrograde does its worst, remember that this time is about turning your mind inward, and allowing yourself to think deeply about aspects of your life that often get set aside.

Seeing as no one goes deeper and darker than Scorpio, we can fully expect this time to explore some chasmic parts of our consciousness, and give us profound epiphanies.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this November!



Happy solar return, Scorpio! Mercury Rx in your sign is going to last until 21 November and has you thinking intensely about your body, as well as reevaluating how you define your style. Since retrogrades are a better time for reflection rather than action, getting a haircut or drastically changing your appearance during this period can be a notoriously bad idea. However, don’t be afraid to do some research on looks you’d like to explore or stylists you feel could make your vision come to life. Make moodboards of your motive and draw on inspiration from past ensembles you rocked.

Taurus Full Moon on 12 November has everything to do with endings in your relationships. If you’ve been considering breaking away from a toxic dynamic with someone/various folx, it might be time to finalise that position. Talk it through with a friend and journal to your heart’s content, but don’t necessarily call up bae tell them it’s over straight away. Plan your next move, and sit with the feeling for a while.

When Mars enters your sign on 20 November, and the retrograde ends the next day, start putting all of the scheming you’ve done during the first few weeks of November into action! Manifesting abilities are high around this time, so submit that application and have that difficult conversation.


It’s time for you to tie up loose ends, Sagittarius. Mercury Retrograde is asking you to evaluate what cycles in your life need to fall away; whether it’s a bad habit of staying up late you’ve gotten into with the clocks changing and darkness descending on us annoyingly early, or someone you’ve left on read for far too long. Once you’ve identified what you’re ready to release, make a plan on how you’re going to do it. If it doesn’t change immediately; don’t freak out and don’t be too hard on yourself. The retrograde ends on 21 November, which is when you’ll fully be able to move forward with that change, and put concentrated energy into making it  happen. The New Moon in your sign on 26 November is a massive chance to reset your life, so you can use this as a benchmark for your progress.

November is also a very spiritual time of year for you, so fill your time with rituals of your choice, and remember a magical ritual is any action you put intention behind. On 2 November, Venus joins Jupiter in your sign and stays here until when your season begins around 26 Nov, which gives your confidence a natural glow. Use it well, because you’re about to be annoyingly charming. Also, don’t overexert yourself on the Taurus Full Moon on 12 November, no matter how much you want to stay up all night working on that project!


This Mercury Retrograde wants you to really take a closer look at what your values are, Capricorn. You’ve got to spend some time mulling over what you stand for, and who you want around you for that journey. Yes, you’re naturally hard-working, but it’s time to remind yourself what your goals are with that work and if what you’re doing now is moving you in the right direction. If you do find that you want to switch your path in November, start to dream up what you want your direction to be, and what tools you need to get there.  Just try not to be too hard on yourself this time of year, because Scorpio has a cutting, critical eye, and so do you. Together, your words can land like icicles in the snow; especially with how you speak to yourself

When the Full Moon in Taurus occurs on 12 November, cut yourself a big break to focus on the things in life that bring you pure joy and pleasure! Have a nice night out, or do some purely indulgent activities with friends. Dancing, cooking, a movie night, and/or steamy Scorpio season sex could all be on the agenda! The New Moon in Sagittarius on 26 November is a great time to crack on with action-oriented activities, so whatever you’ve been dying to move forward but the retrograde has prevented; aim to get it done then. Make sure these actions positively contribute to your spiritual health though; this New Moon will be particularly in touch with your relationship to ancestors and the occult.


November’s Mercury Retrograde has you searching for new ways to make yourself seen and appreciated for what you’re creating, Aquarius. As an often unassuming sign who spends a lot of time in your head, it can be easy to feel people aren’t responding with the appropriate gratitude and joy you feel you deserve in relation to your efforts. You’re thinking a lot about respect, and whether or not you feel people respect you in the work you do. While you ask yourself what you feel you deserve, journal your feelings, and don’t be afraid to consider a career shift – even if it’s only a minor one. It’s often hard to process feelings when they’re just swimming in your head vs. when they’re on paper, which is why it’s yourself that physical (or virtual) space.

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November pushes you to stay at home and make yourself a proper meal. The chaos of Scorpio season is stimulating. It’s giving you excitement around the positive change that political revolution brings, but with this comes a lack of connection to your home(s). Spend some time in bed, your studio, the kitchen or with chosen family members. Ground yourself in any way possible; it is so important during this time. The Sagittarius New Moon on 26 November is going to keep pulling you into the world to protest, yell, and rally against systems of oppression, so get in that quality time with your bed.


This Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio desperately wants you to release your imposter syndrome, Pisces. It’s so important that you realise that you’re actually good at so many of the topics you’re passionate about. Although you might feel uneasy about claiming the authority around these subjects you deserve, the people around you want to see you taking up that space. As well as this, remember that the lane you’ve carved out for yourself is valid and unique. To reinforce it, take stock of what your politics are, why you’ve arrived there, and how you put into action in your daily life. Don’t be afraid to look outside of the normal spaces you traffic on a daily basis for answers, and even consider planning a holiday away from your city (for AFTER the retrograde ends on 21 November, of course!).

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November has you chatty in the search for outside affirmation, and potentially even a bit attention-seeking, to be completely honest. Plan a cute date with friends that brings up cherished memories and nostalgic glances. This is likely to satisfy you on a deep level by nourishing your soul and mind. Your receptivity to messages from the other side and general psychic-ness finally calms down around 20 November, when Mars enters Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde ends. Use this energy to refocus you after what’s been a paranormal autumn. The Sagittarius New Moon on 26 November will give you the push you’ve been needing to let your ideas publicly shine so more people can see.


You’re a pretty confrontational sign, Aries, but if there’s anything you’ve been dodging and avoiding this past year, Mercury Retrograde is going to put it in front of you again. It’s likely that it could revolve around some pretty heavy situations too, especially since Mercury is moving backwards through a deep, ancestral area of your chart. Just remember that until 21 November, this month is about making plans and decisions. Acting on that choice becomes tricky during a time when communication is off and the words just don’t sit on our tongues the way we want them to. This isn’t going to be easy, given your forward-moving cardinal sign energy, but it’s going to teach you some life-changing lessons.

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November asks you to slow down and find spaces of quiet. It’s a really tactical moon for you, so immerse yourself in fragrant, sensual indulgent things that relieve stress from Scorpio’s Mars-ruled mania. Don’t get overly ambitious when the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 26 November, because it’s going to feel like a weight has lifted off of your chest and you can finally dart around again. You’ll still be in a state where you can easily overexert yourself, or feel disappointed because you didn’t complete the million things you wanted to. I know this is easier said than done, but genuinely try to submit to the slowness of November instead of fighting it.


Scorpio is your opposite sign, Taurus. This means that you’re really feeling Scorpio Season’s intense energy wash over you, and it could be keeping you slightly on edge. With the added vibes of Mercury Retrograde, you’ll find yourself nostalgic for old friendships and comforts to put you at ease. This means that you, dear Bull, could very likely be that classic Mercury Rx archetype of an ex who randomly reappears into people’s lives after a century of silence! Watch out for this, and try to find comforts in the deep conversation Scorpio season digs up. You might feel a bit off, but it’s a social time for you nonetheless. There’s so much warmth to be found in the people around you, and joy to be sought in unravelling pent up emotions.

Luckily, there’s a full moon in your sign that’s set to be very restorative and grounding on 12 November. When the Full Moon is in your sign, it’s a great chance to shed. The universe gives you the tools to move closer towards figuring out what you want from your body and mind, so use this time to listen to your what your heart is saying. Take a cleansing bath, or spend some time being still and feeling each part of your physical form. Keep an open mind when tuning into what it needs. When the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 26 November, she asks you to deepen bonds with people you care for, and pay attention to any cosmic messages you might be getting; it’s likely your ancestors will be speaking to you.


Scorpio Season is looking a bit frustrating for you Gemini. As you hustle to plan your year and continue your diligent and industrious Libra Season streak, Mercury is going to keep throwing you curveballs. Mercury is your ruling planet, so it moves back across the sky in an intense sign like Scorpio, the parts of yourself that feel uneasy can jump to the forefront of your mind. The best thing you can do this time of year is account for lots of delays, writer’s block, and manage expectations. When you write a list, make peace with the fact that you might not complete everything on it! Release tension through finding ways to come into your body – whether it’s working out or getting a massage. Stretching is great, too! Whatever it is, have a stress ball to hand and a friend to call and vent to.

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November will feel spiritual and dark in the best way. There might be a side to yourself that appears which you haven’t seen in a while and you’ll be confronted with a more shadowy side to your mind. Don’t look away when this happens. In the spirit of Scorpio season transformation – accept it head-on. Although this all might sound a bit much, the New Moon in Sagittarius 26 November is going to be exciting and extremely flirty for you! If you’re on the hunt for a new bae(s) or looking to spice things up with your current lover this is your moment! Go stunt on ‘em and/or remind them what they came for.


You’re a naturally creative water sign soul, Cancer, but Mercury Retrograde might make you feel stuck in your process. Don’t be surprised if things which once brought you joy are no longer serving the same function in your life. One of your tasks this retrograde is to take stock of how you’re feeling when you’re doing something that “most people” seem to enjoy. Ask yourself it’s really for you, and if not, how it might be a potential block to your creative process.

It’s time to reevaluate where you draw inspiration from and do some deep thinking on how you want your art to “live” in the world. Research other people’s creations and if you have the time, try to do some studio visits. Online and physical galleries might be the place to look, or even just the walls of your aunty’s flat you haven’t visited in a while. Don’t hesitate to dig deep into your personal archives, too.

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November wants you to cosy up to those you’re close to and eat a big, comforting meal and tell each other you appreciate them being in your life. You of all signs can make this happen, dear Cancer, and make sure you triumph on even if it makes the Capricorns and Scorpios in your life blush/roll their eyes. The Sagittarius New Moon on 26 November brings you into new routines that you’ve formulated during the retrograde, and I wish you all the luck in the universe in putting them to practice.


Your home is becoming uprooted and changing, Leo. This Scorpio season (which happens simultaneously with Mercury Retrograde) is making you seriously think about how you create a sense of “home” in both physical spaces and people. In this introspection, it is very likely that you’ll want to call old friends you’ve lost touch with. You’ll be feeling nostalgic as fuck, and searching for the constants you’ve suddenly realised constituted a major part of your conception of home.  You might also have a moment where you realise that your room needs some TLC and potentially a new strategy for sorting out your expansive wardrobe as well. If you’re moving house around this time, be sure to check your bags and boxes twice, and tick those lists off at least three times over.

The Taurus Full Moon on 12 November is going to bring you news about your career, so if you’ve been in the process of trying to switch up your work, look out for indicators that this is underway! The full offer might not be presented to you since it’s retrograde season and things aren’t always what they seem, but there is still likely to be some progress showing, so keep your chin up! The Sagittarius New Moon on 26 November is your chance to have a release from all of the house and career frustrations that may have occurred, so use it to pop out and flex your flare the way you like to, Leo.


November is set to be massively generative for you in matters of your mind and voice, Virgo. As your ruling planet, Mercury, retrogrades across the sky through chaotic Scorpio, the usual routines you rely on for a sense of stability and comfort might fall away, and leave you to seek stability from within. As this happens, you’ll be put in the position to level up your already skilled abilities with communication.  Give yourself lots of alone time during this period, and write things down to clarify your thoughts on these changes. Whether it’s putting more passion behind your words, or learning ways of channelling rage, expect a shift to occur by 21 November when Mercury is released from its retrograde and action planet Mars moves into fast-paced Sagittarius; gearing you up to speak your mind to its fullest once again.

You might find yourself retreating into your home for some solo-time even from the beginning of the retrograde, but luckily Venus and Jupiter team up around this time to give you lots of inspiration when it comes to decorating your space and sprucing up your room and/or studio. Show your gratitude by verbally thanking the physical spaces in your life that offer you rest, and treating them to a meditative tidy. The Taurus Full Moon on 12 November allows you to flex your intellect and gives you a helpful boost with some writing you’ve been meaning to do. Work on a cover letter, grant proposal, or any writing-related that could improve your work assets! The new skills you’re going to acquire in this retrograde hold the potential to unlock some exciting opportunities.


It’s time to let go, Libra. As you sit proudly in the aftermath of your season, Mercury Retrograde wants you to use the month of November as a time to purge! Any material belongings that no longer serve you, or bring up unkind reminders of past traumas need to be rearranged, reconsidered, or released. This also means it’s time to start the dreaded task of sorting through your closet, and making some decisions on what you’re going to keep, and what you need to say goodbye to. In this physical reflection, it’s possible that you may realise that past-you is actually your favourite style icon. Maybe it’s time to bring back some of those old looks that turned heads? Especially if you only wore that dress once.

The Taurus Full Moon on 12 November is going to heighten your psychic abilities and give you a boost of luck in acquiring any physical objects you’ve been lusting after. Let this be even more incentive to clear space for new material things. Also don’t forget to follow your gut wherever it guides you around this time, too. When the Sagittarius New Moon on 26 November brings new friendships into your life that were actually always in closer proximity than you thought, at least pretend to be surprised. Be sure to answer your DMs and Whatsapp messages, but don’t let the excitement and intensity of a new Scorpio season connection take away from the attention you give your oldest, bestest besties.

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