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Five on it: Chloe x Halle are the duo on everyone’s lips

Chloe x Halle have truly arrived with their latest, sexy single – they're joined by Fehdah, Dounia, Jafaris and Gorillaz ft. Octavian in this week's round-up of the best new music.

12 Jun 2020

When thinking about the music industry this week one theme struck me: reflection. Whereas other weeks have stood out in terms of Twitter feuds or cancel culture, this week felt both thoughtful and proactive. With the trauma of recent events, the music industry was quieter, allowing time for both grief and education. During this period, some releases were postponed, with many unsure how and when it would be appropriate to release music. This week has signified the beginning of that journey, with an influx of new music.

This is not to say that the music industry simply posted black squares for Black Out Tuesday and have forgotten all about the cause. Many labels donated large sums to charities and collectives, with big names like Sony and Warner each donating $100m in support of social justice. The hope now is that these companies continue to ensure anti-racist values are upheld, but one of my main points of faith in the industry comes from Stormzy. Always one to support black people, Stormzy has pledged £10m over 10 years to organisations and movements challenging racial inequality.

The new releases this week have come in thick and fast, with many big names dropping tracks. Here’s your five on it:

Chloe x Halle – ‘Forgive Me’

Chloe x Halle are unstoppable. Silky vocals, sexy, rolling beats and iconic videos. Music duos are back and are here to lead the way.

Fehdah – ‘Day In Shock’

Premiering on gal-dem we have the release of Fehdah’s new music video for ‘Day In Shock’. This kaleidoscopic, swirling track manages to be both fast and hazy, with a fun, vibrant video to match. Be prepared to become obsessed.

Dounia – ‘Best Bad Influence’ 

Morrocan-American alt R&B artist Dounia’s new track is doing it for the bad girls. This is an exciting tune, with sweet, breathy vocals juxtaposing a subtle, menacing undertone to the lyrics.

Jafaris – ‘Glue’

A seamless blend of funk and hip-hop. Jafaris is energetic and endearing with his quick-witted bars.

Gorillaz ft. Octavian – ‘Friday the 13th’

Two British powerhouses come together for a collaboration that just seems to make sense. Fans of The Streets and Tame Impala will enjoy its swirling, dream-like quality.

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