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Five on it: Denai Moore is back and giving us greatness

18 Oct 2019

Photography by Nadira Amrani

I still haven’t watched Rhythm + Flow, due to sad geography I didn’t get to go to Frank Ocean’s inaugural club night, and I will be out of the country for Robbie Williams’ Christmas concert. 

But in spite of all this bad news, there’s so much good music out this week to soften the blow.

So without further strange and inconsistent rambling from me, here’s your Five on it:

Denai Moore – ‘To The Brink’

Okay, this is phenomenal. One of our faves is back, with this lush and formidable track ahead of the much anticipated next album – if this is anything to go by, there’s a lot to be excited for. The visuals are beautiful too, shot with her partner Nadira Amrani.

Sugababes – ‘Flowers’

I adore original line-up Sugababes – an elite force of UK pop, with so many immaculate songs (to the point where I have gushed about them for no discernible reason on Five on it before – though also shout out Heidi era, which had some bangers). Anyway, they are back! And covering one of the all-time UKG greats – even for those of us not fully convinced on the whole garage classical thing, this is still majestic.

RoRo – ‘Mine’

This is such a lush little bop from the emerging Bajan artist. Really warm, sweet and slinky guitars and gorgeous vocals, ‘Mine’ is only her second track – pay attention, looks like there’s gonna be plenty more magic courtesy of this one. 

Dibo – ‘Da Come Up’

Get to know this rising Luton MC with her cold delivery and hard-hitting bars (“Yeah I rap what I live, I’m just trying to get rich / and if the music don’t work, guess it’s back to the strip” is an incredible line). 

Vagabon – Vagabon

We spoke to the excellent Vagabon back in 2018, but it feels like even in such a short time her sound has pushed forward again. Her second album landed today, and it is softly assured, intimate, synthy and sincerely so beautiful. [Full album here]

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