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Five on it: why we’re a Rico Nasty stan page

06 Sep 2019

Rico Nasty press shot via Atlantic Records

It’s been quite a week. Nicki’s retiring (does a musician “retiring” ever turn out to be true?), the government is still on fire, ‘Hot Nerd Autumn’ is coming (finally, my time to shine). Also my mate sent me this incredible video of a small child with better bars than I’ll ever have. Truly, what a time to be alive. 

Anyway, some big albums came out today – Kindness, Mahalia and Bat For Lashes – but we’ll be getting into them separately. Unil then, here’s your five on it.

Rico Nasty – ‘Fashion Week’

This is a Rico Nasty stan page, honestly. Anger Management is one of the albums of this year, Nasty was one of the albums of last year. Anyway this new track is a little more pared-down and melodic, with old school-kinda production from Jetson, melodic delivery and references to brands I will never be able to afford. Secure the bag, Rico.

Zilo – Gorgeous

The new project from one of our newcomer favourites is finally here, lusher and more delicious than her last release and no less beautiful. [Full project]

Amelia Monet ft. Br3nya – ‘Bumper’

Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the Love Island-lite sunshine jams are stopping on this vibey UK pop-rap link-up. 

Daymé Arocena – Sonocardiogram

A soaring new album full of rich and delicate instrumentation from one of Cuba’s finest, Daymé explores the Santería religion in greater depth than ever before. We can’t wait to sink deep into this. [Full album]

Celeste – ‘Strange’

A straight-up gorgeous track from another emerging artist we love – vocals like plumes of smoke, delicate strings and that sad contemplativeness over romantic relationships coming to an end.

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