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Guest mix 004: Eliza Rose – A Moody Girl’s Vinyl Mix

29 Jul 2016

Next up in our guest mix series, we have Eliza Rose. Hackney-hailing Rose pursued a career as a singer before her foray into being a DJ began. Having worked in a record shop for ten years shaped her style as a singer-songwriter and encouraged her to seek out more of her favourite specialised music – 60s soul. Being a DJ gave Rose another creative outlet and an excuse to constantly immerse herself in a music-filled environment.

When asked her major influences, she lists Billie Holiday, The Ronettes, The Supremes, Marilyn Monroe, and our contemporaries Erykah Badu, Aaliyah and Amy Winehouse. On the DJ front, she tells me that Robert Hood, Larry Heard and Steffi are her favourite influences, along with Willow and Jayda G.

Eliza Rose has provided us with the fourth instalment of the gal-dem guest mix series: A Moody Girl’s Vinyl Mix. This is 27 minutes of Rose’s nostalgia. Having had a hectic week filled with miserable weather, she took some time out to craft a reflective mix. Many of the records are songs she remembers listening to in her teens, giving off a real “London angsty teen, with a slicked fringe, sitting on the back of the bus on a rainy day vibe”.

As a sustained vinyl lover, I asked Rose where her top three places are to go crate digging. “Flashback!” This record store in Shoreditch is the store she worked in, but she recommends charity shops and Honest Jon’s Records on Portobello Road.

You can catch Eliza Rose playing on Balamii Radio as part of Flashback on 16 August.

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