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gal -dem in conversation with Tasha

25 Jul 2016

I caught up with dance music boss-lady Tasha to find out what it’s like for her, working in the music industry.

“Create opportunities for yourself. There have been some big challenges but, it is about learning from them, letting go, believing and not giving up on what you love doing.”

gal-dem: Radio seems to have played a huge part in your career. How important is working on the radio to you?

Tasha: It’s great to be on Radar. It’s really important, I absolutely love it! I get to play the music I love, and when I’m on radio I’m so happy. I was getting tunes together for the neighbourhood label launch show last week and got sent the new DJ Teech EP (I’d been listening to the clips on Soundcloud on repeat haha). It’s such an incredible EP and I was so happy I received it in time to play it on radio. It’s my new favourite! I’m really grateful for all the new music I get sent to play. There’s always so many amazing tunes, new and old, that I want to share with everyone. Radio is my haven where I immerse myself in my tunes.

I understand you teach at Point Blank music school. I can imagine that you have a big influence on the students you teach. Do they influence you in return?

I have seen the students progress so much over this year. They have put on some great parties. They inspire me every week, fresh minds with great ideas and a couple of my students have recently started helping me a little bit with Neighbourhood to get some experience!

Its admirable you are involved in so may different aspects of the scene. Not only do you DJ but you also teach, curate club nights and radio. How do you manage to balance your time and energy between all of these?

Thank you! I am juggling a lot of balls, but good balls, which I am very passionate about. I like to do everything myself! This last month has been very busy and exciting with the launch of the Neighbourhood label, and parties coming up. It is important to balance my energy and time. I love doing yoga every week, which on the plus side is also run by my cousin so I get to see her every week!

What has been your favourite track to play out in 2016?

I’m obviously going to say Neighbourhood’s first release by Randomer & Cadans. Both ‘Pyramid’ and ‘Anchor’ are excellent tunes, ‘Pyramid’ is an interesting slower groove that is great to play towards the beginning of my set. ‘Anchor’ is a really fun tune to switch up the vibe and create a bit of mayhem!

There are so many different platforms for finding new music these days, what’s your preferred way to discover new artists and source new music?

I buy a lot of my records online but I love the experience of going to the record shop and asking for a selection of tunes. There maybe a few I have specifically in mind that I want to buy but I love being recommended new music by the record shops, and then spending time listening to the records. I get sent a lot of new music, and discover new artists that way. Friends also recommend new tunes to check out, through Soundcloud, listening to radio shows and discovering interesting new music that way. I follow lots of different labels. I’ve been particularly enjoying the latest Ilian Tape and Non Series releases, which are quite magnificent.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at a show and how did you deal with it?

Haha, yes I was in Leipzig and I had a jumpy needle on one turntable, which I persevered with. It was really funny as the front row empathised with the jumpy situation, whistling and whooping, and dancing hard to the tunes still. I was laughing and connected more with the people dancing with me through the little blip! It was a really enjoyable, memorable set actually, they asked me to play longer as well.

What advice would you give to somebody starting out in the industry you are in? Have there been any challenges you have faced that you wish someone had warned you about?

I always say to my students to follow their heart and the rest will follow. They can get obsessed with making it in the industry and when they focus too much on that and get stressed out with it, they lose their sense of passion. Create opportunities for yourself. There have been some big challenges but, it is about learning from them, letting go, believing and not giving up on what you love doing.

Head over to the Neighbourhood store where you can buy the vinyl hereIt’s also available at Bleep, Phonica, Clone and Juno.