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Lafawndah’s Honey Colony show is coming to London

28 Nov 2018

Image: azzeazy

Pop experimentalist Lafawndah is getting ready for a barrier-breaking collaborative concert at London’s Southbank Centre. The Egyptian-Iranian-origin French artist recently released the second part of her Honey Colony mixtape series, which has seen her reimagining the work of peers and allies in her fractious, fascinating style. She’s given the glimmering remix treatment to artists such as Kelsey Lu, Kelela, Klein and even a Cardi B Instagram freestyle so far (the latter is surreal, fantastical, and fully magic) – and now the stage show is a chance to bring the concept of the tapes to life.

Speaking to gal-dem, Lafawndah explained: “The Honey Colony is a dream I had a few years ago when Klein, Bonnie Banane and myself were on the same bill. It felt sad to be one after the other instead of all together, ’cause we were doing background vocals and dancing to each other’s sets from backstage anyways. So I asked my agent to try and make it happen.”  

Featuring Bonnie Banane, Elheist, Kelsey Lu, Nídia and Tirzah, as well as Lafawndah herself, the performance next week promises to turn the relationship between performer, producer and audience upside down.

“The idea is one big show, getting involved in each other’s songs – like, turning all the songs into a supergroup moment,” she says, “It will be a dream come true.”

The Honey Colony takes place at the Southbank Centre 6 Dec 2018, tickets start at £15 and are available here.